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This post has been published as a part of CBC’s (Chennai Bloggers Club) Six-Word Memoir Tag.

I’m delighted to be part of CBC’s Six-Word Memoir tag. Chennai Bloggers Club nests a bunch of bloggers who hail from Chennai or who are someway related to Chennai and it is a happening group in Facebook. I take pride to be part of the CBC family as it’s a great place to learn, interact and have fun with fellow bloggers.

The previous tag posted in the blog Destination Infinity is here.This blog discusses on a wide range of topics but largely holds information about travel.The quotes, poems and short stories in this blog are truly inspiring and the blog also addresses “the need of the hour topics” such as Sustainable Living, Green Energy etc.,. Tune into this blog Destination Infinity to enjoy your travel online.

                                                        My Six Word Memoir


I’m suppose to write one Six Word Memoir about Life but there are two things which I strongly believe in; So, I have made it two.         

From here, I pass the tag to the blog Streets of Smiles. Just like the blog name, this blog has a loads interesting posts and if you’re a person who likes realistic fantasy then do visit this blog here.You’ll enjoy that online space of “little fantasy masking reality” when you step into Street of Smiles.

Ram Thilak
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14 thoughts on “CBC’s Six-Word Memoir Tag

  1. Superb Ram. Your six-word(s) sound like lines out of a Yogi's autobiography. May your dreams guide and help you in the journey of life.

    All the best.

    Joy always,

  2. Good one Ram,the first one was more appealing and apt as a memoir 🙂
    Loved the quote on Maya 🙂

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