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WeChat with Anyone,Anywhere is an entertaining chat app which I feel can fill the gap of electronic communication and real-life communication. People can hide emotions and though they aren’t interested in talking to a person, they can bluff words but WeChat offers an emotional chat which voice, photo sharing on the go and inimitable group chat facilities with scanned QR code to enter the group chat makes WeChat, a necessary app in all smartphones.

If I had the opportunity to connect with a group of people (alive characters with a tinge of fiction) in a WeChat group they would be

1> Victor – A Nerd, who can provide information about all things in the stratosphere. In every group, you need someone smart enough to carry the group during difficult times. Though, the analogies he uses during conversation might look outlandish, it irritates the people who hear it and provides an opportunity to ridicule the speaker.And he also provides authentic info about latest mobile phones and trending apps 😀 :P.

2> Rachel -A tomboyish girl who proves to be a great person to hangout with. Smiles at inappropriate times with a loud giggle and gives everyone in the group a bizarre feeling. Her behavior might look childlike but offers the best advise during difficult times which makes her special. A compulsory addition in the friends’ list for guys as she ensures that guys never go out of track in their lives. Takes things lightly and can keep the group alive always.

3> Valentine – A person to whom you can always go for doubts about Love and Relationships. Has seen enough movies and read enough romantic novels. When someone in the group is about to fall in a relationship, he’ll be the person who somehow senses it and offers BEST advise.Gives out romantic verses from Shakespearean time during group conversations. As expected, someone in the group has already fallen to this chubby chap and they make an excellent pair together.

4> Florescence – Like the name, as soft as a flower. Never raises her tone and always spreads her fragrance of Happiness in the group. Beauty is a synonym to her and she adds a lot of value to the entire group. Doesn’t speak a lot during group conversations but a keen observer about what is happening during group talks. Someone has to listen when somebody is speaking, Isn’t it?! She takes the listening role but at important times raises her voice too. A happy addition for any gang.

5> Susan – Another tomboyish kind-of a girl but unlike Rachel, this girl goes on to step up and fight. Someone who demands order in the group and when everyone in the group has a fearful respect for her. Every group needs someone like Susan to hold the group intact and manage the people. She might look rigid from the outside but has a very soft heart. Sometimes addressed as the “Lady Bond” of the group, She adds a lot of spice in group conversations and laughs heart out for the jokes cracked.

6> Vivian – A person who’s a compulsory addition in any group.He’s the person who is often ridiculed and teased and keeps the group lively.That’s the reason why he’s named Vivian. He likes being an object of mockery as he keeps his friends happy out of it.Everyone in the group like this chap and in almost all group conversations he’s the target set by other members. A cool headed, easy-going person and keeps the group lively.

7>  Sharalyn – An interesting person in the group. Suffers a lot of mood swings and Vivian ensures that Sharalyn comes back to normal soon. Sharalyn displays all feminine qualities as stated in the dictionary and derives happiness out of small things. Some of her actions are so cute to witness and she gels well with the group. She makes any conversation interesting and adds balance to the group.

In any group, diversity among people is important. The above group is nearly the right set of people who can ensure that you stay happy always. Hope I get a chance to chat with people of this kind in a WeChat group and be connected with friends always.

Ram Thilak

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