Love-An Omnipotence Paradox!!

Chasing my shadow I thought I was walking without You,

I saw my statuette in the umbra while the penumbra showed You,
Only then it came to light that I’m incomplete without You,
And “Alone” doesn’t exist in my dictionary because of You.

Many rivulets are navigating in my mind to find You,
It keeps meandering searching for the entire You,
All these meanders will ultimately reach the ocean of You,
My thirst is quenched with salty water because it has You.

On the top and bottom on my heart I’ve carved the face of You,
Even when someone tries to break one part of You,
The other part of You in turn reflects many pieces of You,
This shows that inseparability is true between Me and You.

Throughout my Life, I want to breathe the air You’ve breathed,
You’re the immovable object and Love is the unstoppable Force which binds Us.

Ram Thilak

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