The Curse of Engineering Education!

This post is not intended to hurt any institution or any student of engineering. The words below are ramblings of an engineering student who studied in a sub-standard college and who has lost a large part of his life grumbling for having chosen engineering. I don’t know how many people will have the same feeling?!. This is also an advise to students’ who’ve passed 12th this year and who’are about to choose their courses. Make a wise choice people and don’t be another victim of society, just like the student below.

All the time I spent, during my engineering education,
Was filled with frustration and I lost my imagination,
With tension and pessimism, I nearly saw my cremation,
As day-in and day-out, I doubted if I’d get my graduation.
It all began after my 10th boards, and then I was sixteen,
I was made to believe that science is bliss, after advises umpteen,
So was I keen to study science and joined it with curriculum unseen,
But in the end I did find out that it was not in my gene.
At that point of time, post joining my realization was very late,
There was none or rather nothing left to blame, but just my fate,
But I pushed myself harder, to be able to cross that final 12th gate,
Having crossed it, I didn’t trust my innate and chose a field people termed “great”.
So did I join engineering, in tune with others but with a forced interest,
With lots of money invested on me along with a lot of my parents’ trust,
It was again late, when I understood not to believe anything seeing its crust,
And all the years during my engineering was spent with a deep disgust.
Semester after Semester, the subjects to study were difficult and new,
But as days progressed, my disbelief in engineering only grew,
And slowly the professors of engineering started seeing me as a taboo,
I was praying for that day to arrive, when I would bid engineering an adieu.
The colleges of engineering never did teach me anything about creation,
All they did is to reread the textbook filled with diagram and definition,
All they wanted from me is roaring results from my examination,
So they gave me only important questions and never true education.
When I stepped out of my campus, I saw myself in a crossroad,
Not knowing where to go, or how to go I had to stay in an abode,
I felt I’d spent four years in jail and my life was left to decode,
I prayed to God to erode my present life and give me four years of reload.
I don’t want my younger brothers and sisters to suffer like me,
And hence I’m writing my pain and take what’s below as a plea,
Never step into engineering or choose any subject in a flee,
Cos that will endanger your interests and you’ll lose your glee.
At no point of time in your life, compromise your love for anyone,
Cos none will be there to support you when your education is done,
Find what you love the most, once you’ve crossed the 10thgrade,

Choose that, cherish that and believe in that and see your life inflate.

Ram Thilak

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3 thoughts on “The Curse of Engineering Education!

  1. Good that you are able to at least admit as much. It is my personal opinion that nothing is bad as long as it teaches us something. Engineering 'education' has also taught you enough to write the above poem 🙂 Be positive and make sure not to repeat your mistakes. All will be well 🙂

  2. That's a very positive way of looking at it :).. Just to tell u Rajesh, I had to write a rap song about the ill effects of Engineering education. So, I just wrote the above post and we'll soon be converting it to a rap song.. Thank you! for you comments Rajesh :).Happy.

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