Thillu Mullu spoils the Original Flavor!!

Thillu Mullu, a remake of the yesteryear film of the same title is appreciable in parts but looking as a whole, it revokes the spell the original film had cast on the audience. Obviously, Rajinikanth (in original version) is a better performer than Shiva (plays a role similar to Rajinikanth) and comparing both wouldn’t be appropriate. But, I don’t find Shiva as a potential actor and his performances in all the movies he’s acted looks very similar. He doesn’t go that extra mile, any actor must do for his movie and that routine smile on his face frankly irritates me.

Reviewing about Thillu Mullu 2, the director has “changed” the screenplay to suit the current trend instead of a scene-by-scene remake which is to be appreciated. I don’t know if he did this to avoid copyrights problem or it was a genuine attempt. The reason why I say this is because, the film isn’t complete when you look it on-screen and only at few instances you can relate the previous frame with the current frame. It looks like a mismatched jigsaw puzzle and for a film-goer who expects quality flicks, this film will be disappointing.

The film starts with Pasupathy (Shiva) and a set of friends which has Mano (Parota Suri) roaming around the city and drinking liquor.He has a sister at home, who is Mano’s love interest and his uncle (Ilarvarasu) who takes care of their family. The bank took Pasupathy’s father’s house after the case went in favor of the bank.The surrounding sequences in the movie is ridiculous as Pasupathy and his friends come to the court in an Audi, a BMW and a Mercedes hoping that if he wins the case he would get 5 crores of rupees (the value of the house). Then, finally he goes home in a metropolitan bus and decides to go to a job in a company owned by Sivasundaramurthy where his uncle works as a legal advisor. He lands in that job as a Marketing Manager by faking his real identity to Sivasundaramurthy (Prakash Raj) as a perfect spiritually inclined youth. He dons this role to impress Sivasundaramurthy as spirituality is one of his weaknesses. Actor Sathyan has a role similar to Nagesh in the original, who in one of his movies plays a double role with cat-eyes as the differentiating factor between the twins. Pasupathy also follows the same method to play the role of Ganguly Khandhan, who teaches Karathe to Sivasundaramurthy’s daughter.Then, the heroine.. I forgot :P. Isha Talwar plays the female interest of Shiva.Absolutely, no significance to her character and there is no relevance to her in the screenplay though she shares a decent screen space. I saw the movie only yesterday, but I’ve nearly forgotten the story (Thank God!). It’s built on such a loose screenplay and fails to register in the audiences mind.

The title has the original Thillu Mullu song with MSV, Yuvan with some rapper. I don’t understand why they make girls dance with scantly clad clothes in that.And on another side, girls with Bharathanatyam attire dancing for rap. I can understand innovation but what they are showing is unhealthy sarcasm which is to be strictly condemned.It doesn’t make any sense and the graphics behind is irritable.Graphics are of very poor quality throughout the movie and at some instances it looks like a cartoon. There is absolutely no logic in some sequences. For example, in one scene Pasupathy is talking to Mano in his office and the notice board has SRM University written on it. Probably, this a new method of advertising but the producer must have resorted to better methods.There are many such scenes in the movie, but if I start writing all, my post will become spoilt :P.

For a full-length comedy movie, you can’t expect a lot of logic but there is a limit for everything isn’t it.The screenplay is a big negative in this remake which was a big plus in the original. The climax in the movie has Santhanam stepping in which is the medicine after 2 hours of sickening cinema. He shoots out a few of his standard timing dialogues and it works well with the audience.Almost, all Tamil films now release with Santhanam on it’s poster :D. Yet, he delivers every time he acts and even in Thillu Mullu he engages the audience very well.I wish to see his dialogue writing team.Man! how on earth is he able to frame new such analogies. Impressive stuff. The usual sentimental touch is there in the climax and the film ends on a positive note.I request directors to ensure that  if they remake a classic, please ensure that they’re good enough so that they don’t spoil the original film’s impact.

On a scale of five, I would give Thillu Mullu 2.0/5.

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4 thoughts on “Thillu Mullu spoils the Original Flavor!!

  1. Sadly, we always tend to compare remake with the original and find that our expectations are ruined. Nothing to beat thalaivar + thenga srinivasan combination. After this review, I have saved INR 120 🙂 Mikka nandri hai!

  2. This motherfucker Shiva has spoiled the most extraordinary movie of our thalaivar,… If i find you anywhere i will kill you shiva

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