Maryan- Deeply thought but slowly executed!!

Maryan, with it’s star cast and top rated technicians set expectations sky-high among movie audiences and even among people from the film industry.The end product made by director Bharath Bala, music director A R Rahman and AFC certified cinematographer was supposed to be excellent but I feel it has only partially satisfied the audience.When you see the movie in parts, it looks excellent but as a whole it fails to make a mark it was believed to make.

The story of the movie has Maryan (Dhanush) who loves the ocean and is an expert fisherman. Panimalar (Parvathi) plays his love interest. Unlike the stereotypical Tamil movies where the hero chases the girl, here the reverse happens with Parvathy trying to somehow win over Maryan. They fall in love with each other and then a problem sets in. Parvathy’s father has a loan to repay for which Maryan agrees to work as a contract laborer in Sudan to get sufficient money for repayment.A twist happens in the story when Maryan is being kidnapped by terrorists in Sudan and the rest of the movie is about how he escapes and comes back to be his lover.
Looking at the impressive aspects of the movie three things stand out. Dhanush’s acting, Rahman’s Music and the balance in the screenplay between the hero and heroine. Dhanush is at his best now and his acting prowess has impressed audience of all ages.With a box-office hit in Hindi and coming to Tamil after a brief hiatus, Dhanush’s performance in Maryan has got an unanimous appreciation from all critics. His maturity as an actor, as a person can be visibly seen and now he has etched a name for himself in the cinema circles. He has now become a seasoned hero clearly understanding his strengths. When it comes to emotions and dialog delivery, Dhanush is at his best which is a standout point in Maryan. He has now become a typecast for psychotic roles but playing such characters isn’t as easy as people think. In the present generation of actors, Dhanush is definitely one of the best. Rahman’s music holds the film firmly in spite of it’s slow pace. The romantic touch is aptly substituted with soothing music by Rahman. The timing of the melodious songs are appropriate which is another positive for Maryan. The convergence of Dhanush’s emotions and Rahman’s music is a treat to watch and I’m looking forward for their combination in the future.Finally, the hero and heroine equilibrium is something which Tamil Cinema has been lacking for many years. Especially in commercial Tamil films, the scripts, the screenplay always portray the hero highly and heroine only plays skinny roles.At no point of time in Maryan, would you realize the heroine Parvathy has less importance. She has shared an almost equal screen space with Dhanush and her acting too cannot be criticized. Some of her acting sequences is very touching and her chemistry with Dhanush is enviable for lovers. She has pulled off her role with ease and with only one Tamil film old, she has indeed showed a lot of potential as a performer. She is one heroine to lookout for in the coming years.
The screenplay of the movie does now show cogency which is largely expected for a movie about survival for Love.The first half of the movie is in a narrative style, the second half  focuses on the hardships faced by Maryan for his survival after being kidnapped. The main irritant in the movie is its pace and the second irritant is predictability. The suspense factor, especially for a slow movie is a necessary element which is missing in Maryan. The director could have been tight-lipped about what the movie has in store prior to its release and had he done that it would have had a greater impact on the audience. I feel if the movie is shortened by at least 20 minutes, it would have cast the expected spell on the audience.The usual 2.5 hour format with 5 songs has to be changed, the depending on the script the time has to be decided.
Maryan, looking entirely isn’t as impressive as expected but it cannot be categorized as a bad movie. The romance is deep, the survival sequences to somehow reach his ladylove is appreciable and the music is superlative. The screenplay, which is the fuel for any movie doesn’t provide the required force to carry this movie which is the major drawback.
I would be tempted to give a 3.5/5 if I see the film in terms on individual contributions but watching the film as a whole, I would give it a 3/5.
P.S: Blindly go for Maryan if you’re Dhanush Fan!!   
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