Household chores.. Ain’t easy at ALL.. :/ #Learning

A day came when I had to do every single thing that needs to be done to run a household. Till yesterday, I used to ridicule my mom (not always, but at times) for doing routine, mundane jobs. She used to clean a vessel, transfer contents usually in a microwavable container then after heating she used to again transfer it again in a stainless steel container. Looking from outside, these small things used to be funny and there have been many instances where I’ve underrated and under-appreciated  her contributions. Then, when the day came when I had to do every single thing by myself, I understood the importance of My MOM.

I just did the basic things to ensure that a household properly functions. In fact, sweeping the house, cleaning clothes and washing vessels were exempted but despite this, I had a hard time. My first task was to make coffee, which turned out grueling as I’d split milk on the floor, increased dikatshan ( is there an equivalent word in English for it?) and drank the worst coffee of my Life.Yucky! 🙁 had to drink it. Then, suddenly nebulous clouds started gathering outside and I remembered my mom’s words, “Mazha penja thooniya yeduthindu vandhuru..!!!”” ( translation: “If it rains, bring the clothes hanged outside back home”. I went outside immediately, took the clothes and hanged it inside.Here again, hanging clothes properly is another subtle task. The constraint was to hang all the clothes in such a way that there is minimal obstruction for lighting in the room. I’ve observed once as to how my granny hung the clothes inside the room, which helped me. I did it successfully with the help of a stick :D. Bread and milk came to my rescue for breakfast. Then, with no one at home I spent sometime reading the newspaper and surfing the internet.

When both hands of the clock were touching each other and the angle between them were zero degrees, my stomach needed something. I went inside the kitchen, to see if I could make something. After my coffee experiment, I was not ready for anything more so decided let me go for my favorite Curd rice (fondly Thachi Mammu). I opened the refrigerator, saw the curd and my mouth started salivating :P. Reheated the rice which was kept for me and ate the curd rice. Thanks to Lactobacillus lacti, the food was great :D. When I thought of side-dish ( this thought was a luxury, I accept :D), I went for Kothamalli thokku.. 😀 ( maker: The Grand Snacks), my frequent savior. I had a nice lunch. Then, I had to clean the table, transfer the remaining rice into a vessel and put it back into the refrigerator. Kept all things back to it’s place and about an hour had gone by then.

When the clock struck three and our maidservant had just completed cleaning the vessels. I had to place the vessels at the right place in the kitchen. This was not my job but I thought let me help my mom without her knowledge to make her happy. I’d lived in the same house for about 17 years yet I was not able to find the right place for all the vessels. Had a tough time, but somehow arranged every thing properly. I came out of the kitchen with a feeling of achieving something GREAT. Yes, I had. It was supposedly the greatest learning of my Life. I understood the importance of my Mother, a pillar of support at home and in Life.Sometimes in Life, experiencing discomfort is good. It enables you to understand your blessings and I understood about my mother’s contribution in my Life.

Thanks Ma!

Ram Thilak

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