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The International Association of Suicide Prevention has declared September 10th, 2013 as the World Suicide Prevention Day and I’m blogging about Suicide Prevention to support this day. I thank the The Chennai Bloggers Club for creating the awareness in me about this day. I have already shown my anger towards people who attempt/commit suicides through my post Never Murder Yourself 🙁 🙁 🙁 but this time I’m writing about this in a different way.

Raj was panting heavily as he was rushed to the nearby hospital. He could faintly hear the loud, deep cries of his mother, “Rajjjjj!! Why the hell did you do this?? Did we do anything wrong? If you want, end our Life not yours….” Raj was taken to the Intensive Critical Care Unit and was given necessary treatment with three doctors trying to save his Life. Yes, Raj had attempted suicide by slitting his wrists. Every ounce of his blood split on the floor while taking him to the hospital reduced his chances for survival. Thankfully, Raj was saved by the doctors and was kept in a solitary ward. The doctors requested his parents and friends not to speak to Raj unless they bring him back to the general ward.

Raj was put to sleep with the help of a sedative or it was the only way he could sleep. His parents didn’t know what his problem was, as Raj was an introvert who spends most of his time with gadgets and books. The next day, three more patients joined Raj in the solitary ward. A doctor who entered the solitary ward said,” There are three more patients in here, Raj. Tim, Jane and Nathan. Tim is a cancer survivor and has come to the hospital for post-chemotherapy sessions. Jane is visually impaired and had come to her surgery after which she can bring Light in her Dark world and Nathan is an elderly man who has problems with his kidney functions and was waiting for a donor. Raj you’re not alone anymore.”

Tim was resting in a bed adjacent to Raj and asked him, “Why are you here for?” Raj was hesitant in answering the question but after sometime answered in a feeble tone, “I attempted suicide.” This answer was heard by everyone in the dark room and Tim queried him with a monosyllable, “Why?”. Raj extended his hesitancy in answering this time and after few minutes poured his heart, ” No one seems to understand me. I can’t perform well in academics. I’m not good at sports or art. My girlfriend dumped me yesterday calling me as a FLOP. I don’t know how I’m gonna make a living. So, the only option I had was to die.” There was a prolonged silence in the ward after these words. Nathan gave an acrimonious smile after hearing these words and spoke, ” What’s your name kid?”. Raj replied ,”Raj!.” Nathan replied, “I can’t see your face now and I don’t want to see cowards. From your tone, I believe you’re in your early 20’s. Before you slit your wrists, did you ever think as to who gave you the right to end your Life? Were you born in this planet with your approval, then how the hell can you end your stay on this planet without HIS approval.”

Raj replied, “From your tone, I can understand that you’re an old man waiting to die alone. I’m not here to hear any philosophy. Leave me!.” Jane was the next to speak, “Raj! Will you attempt suicide again?” Unlike the last response, Raj responded immediately, “Sure I will. I don’t deserve to live.” Jane replied, “Fine Raj! I can’t see this world but I would like to see this world through your eyes. So, just in case you want to end your Life, don’t eat any chemicals and die. Before you die, sent us a message.” Nathan spoke next, ” Yes Raj! I agree with Jane too. I may be an elderly man but I want to live my Life to the fullest. If you think you’re not fit to live, try to donate your kidneys to me or to someone who can accept it. I know the amount of pain I suffer when I come to know that my days are numbered.” Tim who was silent from the beginning of the conversation spoke finally, “Have you ever heard of cancer Raj?”. Raj, who was in a terrified state after hearing the requests made by Jane and Nathan replied, “Yes I do. Its a condition where a few of your cells in your body divide uncontrollably and invade your organs.” Tim replied, “Precisely. I suffered a lot of pain during my chemotherapy sessions. The success rate of the treatment was very less and I had to be ready for anything. I didn’t want to die. I had kids at home waiting for their dad and a beautiful wife with whom I had shared a wonderful relationship for a decade. Doctor just gave me a 20% chance of survival if the treatment was successful. I was financially weak and I had to spend a lot of money for the treatment but I wanted to live. I took the treatment and thankfully I have appended a few more days in my Life. I suffer a lot of pain each day but every time I see my wife’s or my kids smiling face all my pains are negated. Raj! Do you think your troubles are more complex, more painful and more intense than our troubles?”

There was a protracted silence after Tim spoke. Raj understood how blessed he was and how kind God has been towards him. Right from his childhood till today, each day there has been food when he wanted. His parents have supported him. His organs have supported him throughout. There has never been a day where his basic necessities have not been fulfilled. Besides all these comforts, he had attempted suicide just because he couldn’t perform well in academics or just because he couldn’t impress his girlfriend. He felt ashamed of himself and understood that the amount of pain which a normal human being faces is infinitesimally smaller as compared to someone who suffers from REAL PAIN. When cancer patients, physically challenged people fight hard to live their Life, why can’t we humans who are normal but suffer few hurdles succumb to failure and try to end our lives.

Raj started crying and the dormant feelings in his heart poured out like a lava. He then affirmed to the three, “I would like to donate my organs but after my natural death. Sorry! Jane and Nathan if I have created false hopes in you. I treasure my life from now on and I don’t want to end it or rather I don’t want to murder myself. I will never repeat that stupidity again in my life.” After hearing this, lights were on in the solitary ward and Raj saw the faces of Tim, Jane and Nathan. These three people were the doctors who treated Raj in the Intensive Unit. They had promised Raj’s parents that they would give their son back to them and that is what they did. All of them exchanged smiles and Raj was back to his usual self.

There are many people like Raj in this world who commit suicides for reasons that can be solved by discussion. Please don’t misunderstand my examples of physically challenged and cancer-affected patients. I used them only as a source of inspiration in this story. I respect each person in this planet who wants to LIVE. Statistics says that suicides in India are prevalent among students and newly weds. As I’ve written in my previous posts, Hurting yourself is the height of stupidity!! and Never Murder Yourself! , hurting oneself or ending your Life is not the solution for these problems. I’m praying for that day where there are no suicides in this world and until that day comes, I’ll try to spread awareness about suicide prevention. 

About a year ago, I had posted a video for preventing suicides..

Ram Thilak..
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My thanks to my Chemistry Prof Mr.Kamalarajan. After watching my video, he spoke to me in the college bus. He instilled in me this thought as to how normal people end their Life by committing suicides and how people who suffer REAL PAIN as a result of diseases fight hard to extend their stay. He asked me to write on this perspective too and I took this day as an opportunity to write on this. 

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