On my birthday…!!

On this very day, about 21 years ago I began my journey,

In a wonderful planet called Earth without an itinerary,
And the first thing I did to prove my existence was to cry,
Ironically, when I was weeping people were smiling that day.

My emotions were limited and I just had two ways to express,
A cry to communicate my pain and a smile to show my happiness,
To satisfy my scanty needs these God given feelings were sufficient,
And all other emotions in Life are manifestations of the above mentioned.

Each day I’m progressing in my journey in search of many things,
More often than not, the ones I seek in my Life flies away with wings,
But every time I fall I ensure that there is some HOPE that clings,
Which makes me continue this quest of mine until my death bell rings.

My journey still has a long way to go yet I want to accomplish two things in certain,
When my journey ends, I shouldn’t be the reason for anyone’s happiness and I should leave a trail.

Ram Thilak..

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