The Placement Bug!!

By now, the word “placement” will be reverberating in the walls of all engineering colleges and the placement bug would have crept into the brains of engineering students. Rita, Adam, Josh and Liz joined engineering three years ago and are gearing up for the recruitment drive which will happen in their colleges. All four of them joined engineering with the dream of landing in a BIG job with a good pay. Now, with terms/phrases such as recession, low employ-ability ratio among engineers, bench, evading offer letters have made their days worrisome.

Apparently, Adam had great practical knowledge and was adept in coding. He ensured that he got a job in the first company that visited the campus. But, his happiness is overshadowed by the fact that his friends Rita, Josh and Liz are unable to find themselves a job. About three companies have visited the campus so far Josh went close enough and attended the HR round but got rejected there. The remaining two Rita and Liz are preparing for the coming companies. All three of them are in confused state of mind now far different from their usual.

Fear of seeing themselves losing their way in Life when others are going forward is troubling Rita, Josh and Liz. This is a natural one but I just wanted to tell these three not to succumb to this fear. Questions such as “Am I Employable?”, “Is my communication good enough to guarantee me a job?”, “Is my technical knowledge sound?”, “If I don’t get a job in campus is it that I won’t get a job for life?”, “In case I get a job, will it be in my city?” are other placement bugs eating their minds.

I told them, “I’m not a person who has ended in a big job, or am I a person who can advise people as to what they must do to get placed. But, being another engineer who is going through the same phase I can just tell one thing. “Be Yourself!”. There are just two things which you always need in any interview. Concentration and Common Sense.  Almost every aspect which employers test you will end up on these two parameters. These two things are hardwired into every human being and it’s just that you need to activate it at the right time. Most recruiters have their interview pattern as Aptitude ( technical, quantitative, verbal), Reasoning, Group Discussion, Technical HR, HR and for few very specific roles they have additional rounds. All these are things have been acquired by you during the course of your education and each one of you possess these things. Channelize all your thoughts at the time of the interview and see yourself get placed. Even the slightest doubt in your abilities will reduce your employ-ability factor significantly.”

I also added, “The world has changed a lot and no more being part of BIG brands is the only way to have a successful career. YOU are your own brand these days and it’s just how you carry yourself. Being in a mid-sized company as a fresher is a blessing as compared to getting into a BIG concern and seeing yourself unnoticed.. Never let your mind curse you when you get rejected and never let the reason for that be poor efforts. When that feeling comes to you, getting a job is going to be far more difficult. From your side, always give your best and leave the rest. Just in case, you get rejected, tell yourself you’re gonna get in a better company and prepare harder for the next.”

Finally, I told them, “It’s easier to advise but damn hard to follow. I know that. But, when you truly believe in yourself, at some point of time you are gonna make it. Just believe in whatever you possess. I believe in ME” After these words, I wished “All the best!” for the upcoming companies to Rita, Josh and Liz and I resumed my placement preparation. I reiterate, “When you’re denied of something, God is preparing you for something better.”

Ram Thilak

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