When things go wayward…. Your comfort zone increases!!

“The Social Network” movie which depicts the life of Mark Zuckerburg, the co-founder of facebook was a an interesting flick and I liked the way it was narrated. Usually characters, screenplay, story attracts me and makes me blog a movie review. But this time, a dialog made me write this post. If you’d seen the movie, the characters Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss (the twins who’d initially shown interest in starting a social networking website to Zuckerburg) had a nearly perfect life blessed with almost every thing they asked for. When Mark was questioned whether he hates the Winklevoss’ as they are suing him for intellectual property theft for something they didn’t invent he replies, “I don’t hate anybody. The Winklevoss’ are suing me because for the first time in their life things didn’t go they way they were supposed to for them.” These words made me think as to how many of us would react differently when things go wayward in our lives.

Our parents chart out a plan for us and we do things according to their plan. Our parents stand in the queue to put us in the best of schools. We study there till our 12th (most of us) while some hop to better schools to get better education. A few among those join coaching classes to get into elite institutes of education and the remaining follow the crowd to join professional courses. A few with passion join arts and humanities courses.Most students live their life in this way and a fairly comfortable life. The Winklevoss’ depicted in the movie also had a similar kind of a life and everything went in their life, the way in which they wanted it to go.
They had a great education, they had supporting parents, they joined the prestigious Harvard University, they were set to row for the Olympics but when they faced a setback they just couldn’t take it. They were not accustomed to defeat and didn’t know how to tackle a situation.

Most of us grow in a protected atmosphere. There is few bitter things in life to which if we’re exposed earlier, it’s better in a way. If you face setbacks for second time, your preparedness is better and way you approach it is wiser. Failing in an exam, getting dumped by your girlfriend/boyfriend, losing some money, missing a train, spoiling a dish in the name of cooking, loosing a key are mistakes which leave us experiences which will enable us to approach situations well. Remember, every time when we feel pain we’re slowly increasing our comfort zone. Having every thing and leading a life isn’t an achievement. We have to condition our mind and body in such a way that it can take any situation and handle it. Never limit our capabilities with territories and in fact there are no limitations in Life. It’s just that we have not reached there, we feel it’s unreachable. Once we set out foot there, we will be amazed of ourselves. Sometimes, pressure situations are the ones which will make us rediscover ourselves, pushes our self-imposed limits and establishes the belief in our mind that, “Anything is possible!.” When something is bothering you, don’t see it as a trouble view it as an opportunity to increase your strengths.

A large part of our life during our childhood is spent in a sanctuary spread over home and school. But, the world is a jungle and to survive there we need to be ready for anything. To get ourselves habituated to a jungle environment requires us to see the world from all dimensions both good and bad. I realized it late in my life, but happy I realized it before I was thrown to the jungle.

Ram Thilak

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