Women’s Sufferings- Who’s Responsible??

I don’t know if I’m old enough to write on this topic but having read a slew of posts about the troubles which a woman faces in the form of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Embarrassment, I wanted to write on this too. After reading a lot of posts in the Internet and in print media, I understood one thing in certain. Every woman suffers a stage in her lifetime subjugated by a male either verbally or physically. Some women boldly fight back but a larger part of them brood over these unpleasant instances deep inside their heart. This revelation made me rethink as to what kind of civilization are we boasting ourselves of when basic gender equality and mutual respect towards the other sex cannot be achieved? This question made me write this post.

Recently, two products pepper spray and a protective inner wear which would create a shock whenever someone touches it were bought by many women in the market. When I read about this, I felt ashamed of being a man living in a society where you’re opposite sex has a constant suspicion over you. Can this be the solution to solve this gender bias? Can there be a more viable method to address this problem?

This thought led me to another discovery. In our country, daughters are educated by their mothers about the physical changes in their body and how they should take them. But fathers never do the same with their sons. This may sound embarrassing but whenever boys become teenagers, their communication with their fathers decreases and father never talks to his son about changes in his body. The only thing which educates them are friends and films. I don’t know why fathers hesitate to talk to their kids about this, but to make them as socially-responsible citizens who see women not as a weaker sex but as an other sex, this conversation is essential.

As I’ve already written in my post for Women’s Day!!, films objectify women. I can’t understand why actors have not raised their voices for this, but in a majority of films screen space for a heroine is given to flaunt her beauty. Teens confuse the fantasy in films and the reality of life. Most teenagers in their impressionable adolescent age convince themselves with the notion that women are just objects of pleasure. Their friends with surging testosterone also become partners in this conviction. This makes them believe that girls who wear revealing dresses are can be molested and men have a right to do so. This stupid belief is largely due to wrong portrayal of women in movies. I’m not blaming movies completely for this but when I sought reasons for this attitude among men, films struck me. Anyone has to right to wear anything unless and otherwise, the dress can be termed obscene. The word “obscene” can be defined differently by different people, but when you’re intentions are to wear an attire for the pleasure of wearing it and not intending to seek any attention, its socially acceptable.

Two things have to be done to ensure crimes pertaining to women harassment and rape are reduced. The first thing as I’ve mentioned earlier, fathers should begin speaking to their sons as to how they should respect women. This must begin at home from the way husbands treat their wives. Every father should ensure his son is properly guided during the emotionally fragile adolescent phase of his life. Secondly, at the school-level necessary curriculum has to adopted to instill firmly the idea of gender equality. I’m not speaking of sex education here which is already present, but a more reformed method covering important aspects such as good-touch, bad-touch and things like that. There are many schools who skip these parts of the curriculum but it’s only going to give us sexually-irresponsible citizens.It’s high-time we stop shying away from these very important aspects of education and assure that when students leave school and start becoming independent they know how to carry themselves properly in a society.

I’m not concluding that fathers, films or schools are the only reasons why men commit crime such as rape, sexual abuse etc.,. I’m only trying to put forward a few of my observations, which I believe can confront this challenge of ensuring a unbiased society. I’m looking forward to live my Life in a better society where women see men and men see women not as an opposite sex, but as another human being. Only when that idea enters into in the minds of people, a truly unprejudiced, unbiased society can be made possible and we boast ourselves as the product of 4 million years of civilization.      

Ram Thilak

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6 thoughts on “Women’s Sufferings- Who’s Responsible??

  1. That is a very refreshing post to read. I use the word "refreshing" because for a while now I have only read post on how women are being treated horribly? It felt like everyone is shouting there is a problem, but no one was willing to do something about it.
    The way you put your post together is really excellent. Your analysis and logic are valid.
    I totally agree with all your points. I want to add one more point to your movies point. We show in our movies that the hero stalks the girl. In some of our movies, hero acts like the worst road side Romeo in the real life. He is eve teasing and all that stupid stuff, but we praise him. That is the standard we are setting. We should condemn movies where the hero happens to be a bully, uses bad language (when addressing the heroin) in the first half and becomes a saint in the second half. Although we are not supposed to follow what is shown in movies, teenagers (young adults) are not wise enough to understand the distinction. I noticed that after the release of a movie called IDIOT in Telugu (may be7-8 years back) it has become a fashion among the guys to address their girlfriends/girls in a offensive way. As you said it is not films alone either, it is a mix of everything.
    In the beginning of the post, you said, "I don't know if I'm old enough to write on this topic," I think your post is an answer for your apprehension. I think anyone who has something good to say should be listened to irrespective of their age.

  2. Your comment is a great motivation for me to write more. Thanks for taking time and giving your views on this topic 🙂 Encouraging! I do agree on all your points and hope a change comes soon in the minds of people!

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