Appreciating little things builds LIFE!!

The other day, my Mom was very happy for having hung the clothes neatly within the available space.She showed my those clothes and asked me how was it, “I said WOW! You taught me how to maximize space utilization. (I exclaimed this in my mother tongue, “Ma! Paravaliye irukkara edathula supera thuniya onnathitiye!”).” She smiled back at me and that moment was over. She had such an accomplished smile on her face for having done that and looked again if the clothes were hung properly with a child-like charm.She needed a small recognition from me and I gave it to her. But, do every one get these kind of recognition?? was the question that popped up inside my mind at that moment.

Recognition need not always be monetary or materialistic. There is a dogma which exists in all our minds that recognition must always come from someone who is above us. The word ‘above’ here can be interpreted in terms of financial success or popularity or age etc., but we have eclipsed ourselves with this notion that only when people who are BETTER than us give recognition, we value it. The same applies to people who help us. We restrict ourselves from recognizing small things done by those who do mundane jobs. Our two words of “Well done!” can go a long way in preventing them from getting depressed for doing the same thing over and over again. This is something I practice and please don’t think that I’m boasting about myself. I’m a keen observer and appreciate even the smallest of things which fascinates me. Right from a new ear-ring which is worn by friend, to a new shirt bought by my friend, to a safe ride given by my college bus driver I appreciate. These small yet significant words of appreciation brings a smile on the receiver’s face which makes me happy as well.

Everything starts at home and I began appreciating my mother and my grandmother for things they do. This doesn’t mean I’ll butter them for everything. Genuine appreciation is important and only that will be valued. In my case, every time my mom makes a wonderful dish I pour her with appreciations. She becomes pepped up and gets a sense of deep recognition. Even in the critically-acclaimed film “Lunchbox”, the wife makes wonderful dishes for her husband and seeks few comforting words from him. She fails to get it and that is what is happening in most of the households. When you start recognizing people in your surroundings for the regular work they do, you will spread an aroma of happiness and you can visibly see changes in their Life.

The castle of Life is built only with small bricks one over another. By learning to appreciate small things you’ll indirectly conquer your false ego and become a more grounded person in a long run. So, try to appreciate anything that fascinates you and build your castle with smiles.

Ram Thilak  

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