Raja Rani- Crafted for the Youth!!

Raja Rani, a film directed by debutant Atlee (it’s hard to call him a debutant) has sustained the hype it created in the minds of the youth. After Vishwaroopam, I feel extremely happy to write a review as this film has hits the bull’s eye in every department of film-making. Produced by AR Murugadoss productions, you do expect some quality but this film has sent a crazy wave across the theaters (People were nearly fighting in the counters to get a ticket :P).

Starting from the message this film wants to convey, “There is Love after Love failure, There is Life after Love failure.” This message pumps in positive vibes in the minds of people as these days “Instant Love/ Break-up” has been the concept. I’m not a supporter of this concept but when people blame themselves, complain that he/she has ditched me, cry alone in deep despair, find it hard to forget people who’ve loved ‘for fun’ etc.., this film is of much relevance to them. When people like those watch this movie and come out of the cinema hall, they will definitely be inspired to start their life afresh.

More often than not, the message of the movie is great but the film fails to depict the message rightly. But in Raja Rani, the execution is perfect and at many instances of the movie you can easily relate yourself with the characters in the movie. Coming to the characters in the movie, Atlee has been smart in both casting and characterization. He’s shown a lot of importance to characterization which most of the new directors lack. He’s shown an innocent, apprehensive, family-centric youth through Sathya (Jai), an urban outgoing yet emotional girl through Rejina (Nayanthara), a city-based wanderer with a group of friends through John (Arya), a typical, cute, ever-smiling vivacious girl through Keerthana (Nazriya Nazim) and a friendly father with a modern thought through James (Sathyaraj). I believe most of us can witness characters like these frequently be it in college or on the roadside or in a mall and this easy relation is a major reason for this film’s success. The casting for these characters is also excellent and every actor has played his/her role to perfection.

The story of this movie consists of three love stories bundled together to explain the message it wanted to convey. The only thing which disappointed me was the predictability in the story though it can be negated considering the performances. Had Atlee used a parallel type of story-telling with John’s (Arya) part and Rejina’s (Nayanthara) part in parallel and finally ending the movie on a happy note he wanted to convey “They lived happily ever after :D”, the movie would have gathered more interest. The first part with Rejina’s (Nayanthra) story followed by John’s (Arya) story in latter half and finally uniting them in climax is predictable in the end. Sathya’s (Jai) re-entry in the end creates a sense of excitement in audience as to who she’s going to choose followed by his conversation with John (Arya) was a nice twist. It makes people understand how innocent guys eaten by fear, unable to choose between Family/Love sacrifice their own Life. I don’t know how many people saw the frame in which he saw the ring which Rejina (Nayanthra) had put in his hand. The director had done justice to every character in the movie which is wonderful.

The comedy by Santhanam is always a big plus but this time his presence in this movie is not in parts. He has shared a nearly equal screen space with Arya and he’s played with the dialogues very well. I wish he characterizes himself in a different way instead of the usual drunkard friend who roams around with the hero. He’s become a typecast and I hope he makes a change in upcoming movies. The cinematography is excellent and so is the art direction. All actors have been presented very well on screen and the backdrop of the songs were very colorful. The timing and picturization of the songs are good if not great. The music by G.V Prakash Kumar is another plus for this movie and all the songs makes you rehear it. The BGM is adorable in parts. But as a package, it’s a definite YES for Raja Rani.

Go for Raja Rani, if you want to visualize yourself as a character on screen. Entertainment, Sentiment, Love, Romance, Life you’ll get everything. I won’t call this movie as “Modern Romance” but in this fast-paced world, the way in which things are happening are shown on-screen. The director Atlee is realistic and his attention to detail impressed me the most. Looking forward to see his future works πŸ™‚

On a scale of 5, I would give Raja Rani 4/5. DO WATCH IT! (Preferably with friends :P)

Ram Thilak..

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  1. Hey Ram, loving the neat new look of your blog (h). Congrats. And thanks for a succinct review, Ram . I don't watch Tamil films in the theatre and all and I will give this one a pass.

    Hope to see you on the 5th.

    Joy always,

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