Seated by the sea-shore!!

Seated by the sea-shore, I was waiting patiently,

To get a glimpse of You and your beauty,
Like the rising waves, you came to me gracefully,
And sat close to me holding my hands securely.

Sun was moving closer towards the horizon,
But, your eyes removed the approaching darkness,
Briny breeze kept touching your flowing hair,
Which made a sound of violin in my ear,
The waves kept ascending towards you,
To add some sugar to it’s brackish water,
You gave me a hug and sealed it with a kiss,
That was the moment I didn’t want to miss.

With just You and me, everything around me froze,
To take me completely into your world of You,
The salt deposited on your face glistened like gold,
When I touched the gold, my hands went cold,
And I realized that sometimes even beauty can shiver you,
Then, your melodious tone reverberated in my bones,
To make me synchronize perfectly with your wavelength,
At that moment, nothing in this world meant more than You.

The sound of chirping birds disturbed me and so was Sun’s rays,
With a dismay, I awoke to discover that it was still a dream,
Seated by the sea-shore, I’m STILL waiting patiently,
To get a glimpse of You and your Beauty…

Ram Thilak

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