Arrambam- Razzmatazz repudiated!!

Arrambam, the Ajith (“Thala”) entertainer released on October 31st, two days before Deepavali blocked all screens in the city and was released with a lot of uproar. Directed by Vishnu Vardhan and boasting of a star cast which has Nayanthara, Arya, Taapsee Pannu, Rana Daggubati (guest appearance) as lead characters and Atul Kulkarni, Mahesh Manjrekar in villainous roles, the hype was expected. Most of the “Thala” fans expected a “Billa” kind-of an experience considering that the movie had a similar star cast and director. Arrambam is without doubt, a disappointment for the razzmatazz it created.

The plot lacks cogency and it’s only likable in parts. The story begins with serial bomb-blasts in Mumbai executed by Ashok (Ajith) which makes the audience think that “Thala” is gonna have negative shades again after Mankatha. Following this, an introduction song for Thala. I thought “C’mon! Give me a break?” When will Tamil Cinema get over this hero-introduction culture?? Just imagine, someone has blasted 3 buildings and he’s being introduced to the audience with lots of hoopla. I went nuts after seeing this. Following this, a totally alien track shot in Chennai which as Arjun (Arya) beautified with lots of skin-hanging here and there. He tries to win over a girl named Anita (Taapsee Pannu), a junior in his college. The next 20 minutes in the movie with a song in-between was an absolute disaster and I even thought of coming out of the theater :-O. But, after this the film gains some momentum when Maya (Nayanthara) get abducted along with Arjun (Arya). The following sequence of events has Ashok threatening Arjun to use his computing intelligence (he’s a hacker in this movie, Sorry! I forget to mention that :-P) hacks into a satellite television channel, a secured locker etc., He wishes to escape from Ashok but as his girlfriend Anita is under Ashok’s custody, he does whatever Ashok instructs him to. Somehow, he manages to inform the police about the situation and they get hold of Ashok. The much need Intermission comes and the second half of the movie has the usual flashback with Ashok playing a sincere police officer, loses his friend Sanjay (Rana Daggubati) in a mission and he takes revenge on politicians for sanctioning low-quality bullet-proof jackets.

“Too many cooks spoil the broth!” is an age-old adage which goes well with Arrambam. The director has appended many unnecessary characters in the script and too many problems. The plot has revenge, corruption, black money, scams and 26/11 attacks (don’t ask me how, they claim it :P) attenuating the impact of the movie with no issue addressed properly if not perfectly. Coherence and flow are very important parameters in any movie and in Arrambam, both are missing. Though, you can’t demand a lot of logic in fantasy, there should be some limit with what is shown on screen. Just imagine, a person shoots a Joint-Commissioner and flies to Dubai. Then, he goes to the Indian border to handover a terrorist and fights over there. Do directors think the audience are stupid enough to believe whatever they show on screen? These are some flaws which makes Arrambam despondent. The music of Arrambam is ordinary and except a few beats when “Thala” Ajith makes an entry or when he renders a punch, the BGM is average. The songs again do not get along well with the sequence of the movie and looks like it’s added separately with the movie. No song is impressive, which again is another minus for Arrambam. As with the cinematography, editing and art direction, the final rendition on screen looks stylish and slick editing by Sreekar Prasad needs a special mention here. The film is fast but unimpressive.

On a  personal note, I would not even call Arrambam watchable if you’re not a “Thala” fan. The punch dialogue in the flick is “Make it Simple!”. Probably, the director should have understood the meaning of those words better. Had the director kept it simple with one issue and a smaller cast, the film would have been better. And one more thing, Swiss banks and hackers have taken a beating by Kollywood off late with every movie talking about this. I would like to tell directors that people are now aware of this “hiding money in foreign banks” very well, hence please try working on new scripts with a good screenplay and give us good movies. We are waiting!! 😀 😛

On a scale of 5, I would give Arrambam 2.75/5.
Ram Thilak

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  1. hey Ram Thilak, this is the first time I'm visiting your blog and I found this review perfectly matching the things that were running in my mind from yesterday (the moment the movie ended).. "Just imagine, someone has blasted 3 buildings and he's being introduced to the audience with lots of hoopla" – haha, this is a good one… Most of the people (except 'thala' fans) went nuts on seeing this. Maybe the director would have thought of giving buffer time to the audience to settle down by placing this song 😛
    Anyways, nicely reviewed! Will check out your other writings soon..


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