Biryani- Over masala leading to constipation!!

Biryani, a Venkat Prabhu diet is a stereotypical Tamil movie with all different elements of comedy (they call it comedy though), romance, brother-sister sentiment and action sequences. These masala elements are overused and has made Biryani, an absolute flop. The weak script is the primary reason for making Biryani, a Venkat Prabhu leading to constipation of the brain. Responses from the social media came as “It’s better to pay 120 bucks and eat a Biryani rather than to see Biryani.” I completely go with this one-liner. The only tasty ingredient in Biryani is Mandy Takhar who has blew most people away with her performance though this is her first film in Kollywood. Biryani fails miserably in other departments as well besides poor story line.

The story has Sugan (Karthi) and Parasuram (Premji Amaren) who did their schooling, college (Sugan comes college 1st and Parasuram 2nd, I still don’t understand the reason as to why the director showed this) and ended up working for the same company (this is called “True” friendship, I guess.) They keep looking at all girls they come across but unlike the usual Tamil cinema they have a “job in hand”. Priyanka Sharma (Hansika Motwani) plays Sugan’s love interest and she plays the role of a journalist in Nam TV. This channel is owned by Varadharajan (Nasser) who is among the ten richest persons and has many other businesses as well. The story of Biryani revolves around the murder of Varadharajan, the blame for which falls on Sugan. The way in which he beats the odds to come out clean and to save his kidnapped sister is what Biryani is all about. All these things happens in the second half while the first half is a disaster.

So, what’s spicy about Biryani? Nothing except a song “Mississippi Mississippi” where the performance of Mandy Takhar as Maya needs to be appreciated. She does share an almost equal screen space as Hansika Motwani which makes me call her as a second heroine. She does create an uproar in the theater. The technical things about Biryani become unnoticeable as the story which is the foundation of any movie fails. The music is very sub-standard and being Yuvan Shankar Raja’s 100th movie, Biryani is a big disappointment. No song is hummable and the way in which the songs have been pictured is also unimpressive. Coming to editing by Praveen K.L and N.B Srikanth, it suffices the needs and the cinematography by Sakthi Saravanan is just what is required. Nothing more or less in these areas. The stunt sequences were cliched ones and nothing really will catch your eyes.

The recurrent guest appearances is a big distraction in Biryani. The entire Chennai 600028 gang showed their faces at irrelevant times. And the so-called comedy by Premji Amaren was just a copy of his previous performances. It’s not laughable and at some parts irritating. I wish Venkat Prabhu shows his brotherly love in a different way rather than roping Premji Amaren in all of his films. He is an insect in Biryani and the other being the story itself. Karthi’s performance is just what the story demanded but as the story fails, this will be yet another flop in his filmography. The same applies to Nasser who did his part perfectly. The only interesting thing about Biryani is that at the end you keep guessing as to “Who did everything?” and you end up getting a very unexpected answer. The suspense in the story is fine, but the treatment and the execution makes Biryani unwatchable.

On a scale of 5, I would give it 1.0/5.

The director wanted to connect with people using a popular food item as a title but has ended up reducing the reputation for it. Please don’t waste your weekend watching it.

Ram Thilak.

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