Ivan Veramathri – Action Veramathri!!

Ivan Veramathri, the romantic action flick which has Vikram Prabhu in the lead is slightly different from the stereotypical action flicks of Tamil Cinema but it does have the usual elements. The movie revolves around the newly held popular concept followed by Indian film makers “Never underestimate the power of a common man!.” The gist of Ivan Veramathri is a common man becomes a vigilante over-night as a result of many stimulants which happen in his life but unlike usual flicks, personal aversion is the not the stimulant for his vigilantism. Though, at the later part of the story the director brings back the same old formula of fighting for your lady-love which were the repercussions for his bravery.

The story unfolds with politics being involved and a rampage at Law college where students hit each other brutally. I remember this also happening sometime back in reality where a similar violent incident happened at Law College, probably that was an inspiration for the director. Coming back, the broadcast of this incident and a little societal stimulants make Guna (Vikram Prabhu) take the extreme step of kidnapping Law Minister Sadasivam’s (Vamsi Krishna) brother who was responsible for many political killings and the outrage in Law College. He hides him for six days to make Sadasivam go to jail as he has taken his brother out on parole. Paralleled with this, is a love sequence where Malani (Surubi) an engineering student with 18 arrears falls for Guna. The director Saravanan.M did not put much thought on this love sequence and it’s a cliche. They meet in the bus, the girl chases the guy and two duet songs in between. After this, the film gains momentum with Law Minister Sadasivam arrested after pressure from opposition parties and Guna’s goals achieved. The remaining part of the story is how Sadasivam’s brother finds Guna to kill him.

So, this is the usual action flick in a Tamil Cinema, what’s the difference?? Well, I won’t call this a masala movie, the very fact makes it different. Thankfully, no comedy tracks or item numbers were embedded into Ivan Veramathri. The movie has some newly thought action sequences and fights which makes it special. The cinematography was excellent, the kind you would need for a gripping action flick and though the movie has a running time of more than 120 minutes, the screenplay is not boring. The next superlative is editing where Sreekar Prasad has made this film really fast. Some slow motions in fight and chasing sequences were a treat to the eyes. The music by Sathya.C is high on beats and some of the background jingles were gripping. On the whole, the technical aspects of the movie was well done.Some ideas such as hiding the heroine in a scarecrow were interesting. All these things make Ivan Veramathri, veramathri (different).

On acting, Vikram Prabhu as Guna was appropriate for the role and Surabhi as Malani played the usual heroine with cute smiles and a child-like behavior. I also appreciate the director for not using the heroine for skin-show and giving credit for her acting. Ganesh Venkataraman as a cop was best suited but there was under utilization of his potential and he shared the least screen space. The length of the movie could have been trimmed by at least 15 minutes and the usual “missing my lady-love” song could have been avoided. Barring these negatives, Ivan Veramathri is good and is once watchable.

On a scale of 5, I would give Ivan Veramathri 2.0/5. Not a must watch, but for your Friday-night change it’s watchable.

Ram Thilak.



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