Kalyana Samayal Saadam- Not So Traditional!!

Kalyana Samayal Saadam, the romantic comedy does strike a chord in it’s genre effortlessly evoking laughter in most of it’s frames. The movie starring Prasanna and Lekha Washington in lead roles flows with a nice streamlined screenplay about an arranged TamBrahm wedding with a turbulent shift in between. Seeing the title most people would expect an “Aahaa!! Beshh Beshh!!” kind of an experience but beware, never judge a movie seeing it’s title or it’s trailer.I’ll come back to this as to why!

The movie begins in a narrative style with Meera (Lekha Washington) brought up in a TamBrahm family comprising a protective mom, an understanding father and elders (Thathas, Pattis,Mamas and Mamis) all of them searching for the BEST match for their girl. The director R.S Prasanna has ensured that he has showcased the contemporary TamBrahm parents on-screen perfectly by making Meera’s parents a nice mixture of tradition and modernism. After a lot of rejections (from matrimonial websites), Meera pins it on Raghu (Prasanna) and their families gears for the marriage. Following this, a pleasing song “Mella Sirithai” which displays the life of Meera through a facebook window. This is a novel attempt by the director but it also made me realize as to how our lives now are closely knitted with facebook. I loved the way this song has been pictured. Then, all the marriage events keep happening with Raghu slowly winning over Meera’s heart. The evidence for this is acceptance of his friend request on facebook.(This happens in reality as well! ;-)). Then, with a month to go for marriage both of them try to have a rehearsal of the events “after marriage” and at that moment nothing stands-up. Raghu discovers that he has “some” problem and later finds out that it’s because of erectile dysfunction. The remaining part of the movie is about how Raghu finds a cure and marries Meera.

When I subject this movie to a critical analysis, I would first give credit for the director for portraying a TamBrahm family positively. Another aspect which I loved, I don’t know it other observed this or not. The director has ensured that when Raghu or Meera speaks to their friends or to the general public, they speak in the usual Tamil with a tinge of English and when they speak with elders (Thathas, Pattis,Mamas and Mamis) they stick to their TamBrahm slang. This is how young TamBrahms are these days (except a few who speak highly-accented slang everywhere) and to bring out this observation on-screen deserves a lot for credit. Being a TamBrahm myself, I could relate myself to a lot of things and even if you’re not, you’d enjoy the movie for it’s hilarity. Though, the movie is largely based on an adult subject, the director has made an extensive use of pun for comedy and at no part you would feel vulgarity coming into it. And, restricting the movie to 120 minutes was smart. Any extension to this would have damaged the movie’s influence on you.

The supporting cast was excellent and Raaghav (played Gowtham) needs a special mention here and he needs a special place in the industry as well. Hope he gets it soon! The screenplay carried the entire movie so well that other departments doesn’t appeal much. The music was sufficient but the BGM’s could have been more better. The cinematography, art direction was adequate.On the whole, Kalyana Samayal Saadam is good and it doesn’t disappoint you for the entertainment value.

On a scale of 5, I would give Kalyana Samayal Saadam 3.25/5. A must watch entertainer.

P.S : I guess everyone who has seen the movie would caution you but let me restate. Please watch this movie with your friends or as a couple. Parents, children ( especially inquisitive ones ) are strictly restricted. I hope now you got an answer for your “Why?” in the beginning.

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