Jilla – Yet another Vijay’s typecast…

Jilla, the mass Pongal entertainer starring two mass-appeal stalwarts of South Indian Cinema Mohanlal and Vijay turned out to be a regular mass appeal flick. I just don’t know how long our directors are going to make films keeping the stars in mind. Rajinikanth is a different league, the reason I mention this here is not to compare Rajini with Vijay or Mohanlal but then doing movies built around mass masala is a very unhealthy trend which needs to be nipped in the bud. Rajini has achieved a demi-god kind-of a status because we grew seeing him and his stunts those days were like “Wow!! What a man?!”. Those movies, when we watch now looks unrealistic and less entertaining. If anyone even tries to ape his films or even wants to achieve his spot in Tamil Cinema it’s impossible. There is just one Rajini. Well, coming back.. Jilla offers nothing new to Tamil cinema apart from the never seen combination of Vijay and Mohanlal. Their chemistry on screen is wonderful and Mohanlal’s performance as always is superlative. When it comes to acting in Jilla, Mohanlal has surpassed Vijay though he ain’t the the hero in this film.

Sivan (Mohanlal) is a local dada and he does a so-called “kattai panchayat”, a concept that is part of most of the village films in Kollywood. A redemption for Sivan’s acts takes place while taking his wife to the hospital during her pregnancy. When this happens, a eight year old kid named Sakthi (Vijay) who is the son one of Sivan’s lieutenant’s saves Sivan’s wife and her child. During this fight, Sakthi loses his father and thereafter grows in Sivan’s place. He emulates him in all his activities but he has dislike towards cops because his real father was killed by a cop. Sakthi treats Sivan’s daughter and son as his own siblings and time passes by. Sivan is insulted by a cop and he forces Sakthi to become a cop. He even does that and stands as the Asst. Commissioner of police.Then, after becoming a police he realizes the atrocities which his father is committing and tries to prevent them. He wants his father to become a changed man. But Sivan is strong-willed and does not oblige to what Sakthi says. The remaining half of the movie is how Sakthi changes Sivan. All these events are intertwined with a lot of sentimental stuff. Father-son, Brother-sister, brother-brother, mother-son every relationship sentiment you want is there in this flick..

So, to critically analyse this movie.. I sit down to look for concepts, realism, logic and connectivity in Jilla. Nothing seems to come to me and I keep searching and searching. When you ask me the story in a nutshell, it looks reasonable and interesting like ” A father-son who share a great bond. Son becomes a police for father and then realizes what his father does is wrong and tries to prevent it.” But the treatment and execution is pathetic. I purposely didn’t mention the heroine Kajal Agarwal because, she looks like an unnecessary person in Jilla. I seriously don’t get why the director brought her into this movie and if I was the director for the same story.. I would have opted a 2 or a 2.15 hr maximum duration movie with packed action sequences and Mohanlal-Vijay sharing screen space.. Wouldn’t that would have been wonderful. Why add useless characters in the name of comedy, romance in the flick and spoil the movie?! Wake up directors, we are bored of old-fashioned flicks and please, I beg please don’t bring heroines into picture if it ain’t necessary. Just to fill the duet tracks, please don’t add them to the cast. The comedy in Jilla by itself is a big comedy. Parota Suri is another spoiler and so is Thambi Ramiah. It was disappointing to see them on screen for characters with no importance. And the sequence where Vijay transfers 500 crores from Mohanlal’s account in a jiffy with a six-letter password “Sakthi”. Pahh!!.. What a brilliance..! Even to start a mail id, we need to add Capitals, Symbols and other characters for a password.. for a bank transfer, that too 500 crores, a six letter password was way out of reality. Please don’t make jokes on screen. And the best fun was to see him as Asst. Commissioner of Police. I do understand, Sivan has many influences but to make a new entrant to police as Asst. Commissioner is too much. Moreover, he has roamed those streets with goondas and making him a police to the rank of ACP was like.. What the Hell?!! And Vijay becomes a master shooter in Jilla another talent addition for him apart from excellent swimming and running skills.. 😀 The intro scene where he hits a bottle after hitting a stone against a rock and it reflects.. Oh my God!!.. 😀 Newtonian mechanics begs before Vijay.. O.o I’ve got a lot more logic deficiencies but I’ll make my review a marathon, like Jilla.

Speaking of the positives, I loved the way the songs have been pictured though it popped into the movie at inappropriate places. Vijay’s dancing skills was exploited well and a few fight sequences were eye-catching. The music was just what was required and the BGM’s too was not that bad. It was listenable and a few songs are make you hum. A few sentimental scenes were lovely and the movie towards the climax had a generous display of sentiments. I liked the last 20 minutes of the flick especially. The movie can be generously trimmed close to half-hour if possible to make it watchable. If not it turns to be a marathon movie running for close to 3 hours.

Verdict: 2/5.
If you’re a Thalapathy fan, you’d like it but not love it. If you’re a Mohanlal fan, you’d love it. If you’re a neutral fan, go the theater unscrewing logic from your mind and watch it. Else skip it and wait for a good flick.

P.S: Yet to watch Veeram.  I guess Barathwaj Rangan’s review in “The Hindu” was written sarcastically making a mockery of both films. But if I get to see Veeram will write one..

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