My Life Till Now!! ~~ A Rewind!

It does feel great to write about you no matter how bad you write it. The very fact that you’re the epicenter of what you’re writing makes you feel special. Anyone likes to be a hero of a story, Right?! So, after blogging for more than three years and after more than 160 posts, I thought let me write about ME. I’m not going to completely open about my life now or is it a “blowing you’re own trumpet” kind-of a post. The reason why I chose ME as the subject was because I couldn’t find any inspiration or trigger which usually happens during the day for me. These were those monotonous days with stagnant thoughts and frankly to burst my stress, I chose ME as the subject. Probably, I had a conversation with my sister Rekha about personal diaries on the internet which made me write this.. A Trigger!

So, “Where should I start?!” was the question that popped inside my head. Should I start with the days of my primary education where I used to attend school and then I’d go for the creche. Those were times when my mom was working so I had to spend time at some place and that was the creche. My dad used to take me on a Chetak scooter to the nearby railway station and I’d love the sight of speeding trains. During infancy, I’d fancy anything that is colorful and different. Fast forwarding, I attended three schools but I carry memories of GRT Mahalakshmi Vidyalaya and DAV Higher Secondary School. Been brought up in a family which lays a premium on education doing well in academics was always my first priority. I did try my hands in some sports and extra-curricular activities but didn’t take my interests beyond my school. At home, all indoor games, television and board games were always there for entertainment. Having a sibling helps you beat boredom at home and with my brother, it always is.

GRT Mahalakshmi Vidyalaya was where I started exploring different things. I studied from 5th standard to 8th Standard there. I played Table tennis, Volleyball and also tried my hands at keyboard. The school canteen samosas for Rs.5 with my favorite snack. My Hindi classes where I used to fight with my friend Adithi Iyer for petty things are still fresh in my memories. All my language teachers are close to me. English teachers Jogi Esther mam, Visalam mam, Kalavathy mam laid the foundation for English in me. When it comes to Hindi it was Chitra Mam and Geetha Rani mam. It was more of a fun-filled phase of my life and my only school tour also happened with these people. Yercaud still has a special place in my heart. Then, I moved on to DAV Higher Secondary School.

When I joined DAV, I wasn’t alone there. I stepped in a class where my kinder-garden classmates Sanjanna and Shalini were in my class and thankfully they recognized me. It was quite of a surprise and DAV meant a lot more competition when it comes to academics. I explored my interest in poetry here and again I got wonderful language teachers. Kanchanamala mam, Chitra mam, Sumathi mam for English and Malarvizhi mam for Hindi were excellent teachers. Life went on and I never had any perfect plan for my Life till my 10th standard. Up till then, just read well, study hard, understand and score as much as you can was my mantra or to put to plainly, was all that I knew. The real dream of becoming something came when I met a teacher named Sujatha Mam, my biology teacher. I’ve always had thoughts of being in the corporate world which meant I would end up on Engineering but this teacher’s inspiration made me choose Biology for my 11th Major. If she had not come in my life, I’d ended up on Computer Science since my school had just two options to choose from for 11th Major. I started cultivating dreams of becoming a doctor and since I always had an inclination in learning sciences, Biology wasn’t difficult and since I had Sujatha Mam teaching me that subject for three years I didn’t feel the burden. I scored well in Biology but couldn’t ace the desired marks for a medical seat and hence ended on Information Technology at R.M.D Engineering College.

The college period in anyone’s life is a transition phase. I was no exception. From being an introvert I transformed myself wholly and started erupting all my compressed enthusiasm. The confidence primarily came because of my experiences in school or rather my silence in school. I also had a friend named Ashwin Kumar near me, both in school and in college who kept pushing me towards the real world. I had mediums to express what I felt which was another reason for my transition. Blogging was one such mediums. I began writing everything that pops out of my mind in the form of words. I sort of relieved me of my mental stress and in turn also boosted my confidence to astronomical levels. I found self-belief and self-confidence to be the greatest discoveries of my life. If you can find that and chisel that, nothing is unattainable. So, with Engineering in hand, I sprang back to my corporate dreams. During this course of time, I met a person called Bharat Prassanna in a training class which happened in our college.From then on, I started rating my Life to a different degree. He has been my mentor, guiding me throughout my college life and he’ll continue to do so. It’s only my self-belief which landed me at INautix, a BNY Mellon Company and here I’m blogging as an intern of that company.

When I rewind my life, there are moments which I wish to erase, which I wish to stop and play again, which I wish to fast-forward. But, in the entire cassette of my Life there has been one thing which is imprinted on the reel. My family and especially my father. There are still many miles to go but till now, I must admit to be extremely fortunate, abundantly blessed and supremely supported by my family. I’d been longing to write this one day but feeling happy to have satisfied my longing so soon.

Thanks to all the well-wishers of my Life…
Ram Thilak


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  1. Yup! Ravi… It's not as easy as it sounds.. Maintaining a diary over the net is difficult.. But with good privacy options.. Maintaining a private diary is a possibility.. It's impractical in the present world to carry a book, sit down and write your life seeing the pace at which it's traveling.. We are always into digital devices and with that in mind.. Maintaining a diary over the cloud which ONLY YOU can access when is want seems exciting.. 🙂

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