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Programming.. A word that has been hardwired into our everyday lives. I’m not writing this article just because I’m a computer science student or is this post a purely technical one. It’s more of a realization for me as to the impact of this word in our lives now.. Starting from the alarm clock that rings in our mobile each morning to the songs that play through our ears at night (if you use it as a sleep-inducing method) to the signals that guide us in traffic, to the indicators use in all transport, to the treadmill which calculates the calories you’ve burnt and many more things which are part of our everyday lives are programmed.

I’ve read programming in college but never really visualized the impact of it in the real world. College was an endeavor primarily focusing towards academics but never really did I dig deep into the roots of this methodology. What if programming doesn’t exist in this world? Imagining, I see just one thing “Anarchy”. Programming schedules the way we need to live and ensures that we don’t reside in a world where things are unorganized. But, the impending problem which I see is that by living in this programmed environment we tend to fall prey to these scheduled world. At some point, we tend to emulate a machine-way of life and lose our perceived self. Take for example, Facebook is a social networking website which creates an abstract image of ourselves online. How many of us type as soon as we open the browser? I assume this includes a large percentage of people and this is what I called as a programmed response when we open a browser. Some of our actions, less important for our living, have become involuntary like the facebook example. Another example is to use our mobile when someone sitting next to us gets a notification beep or a call.. This response is instantaneous and I’ve observed this many times.

Artificial intelligence fed into machines does ease the way we live but still humans need to remain their own self. I’ve personally known many coders who are very poor in human emotions. They are so engrossed in the programming world that they lose sight of the reality and start manipulating everything. I love mathematics, science and the way in which these subjects influence us but I feel human emotions are depreciating day by day. It’s high time that human emotions also needs to be programmed into the limbic system of our brain. I loved the Matrix movie and Issac Asimov novels but when the same seems to come at me in the world I live in, it looks very scary.

I don’t understand why this kind-of a feeling has eclipsed me or maybe with the crowd I communicate everyday belong to a different category. Whatever could be the reason, I was worried about the ecosystem in which I live in and I assumed most of us are also having the same feeling though they don’t come out. I blogged to relieve myself which is one of my ways of stressing out. Each one have their own way to unwind. In this entangled, methodical, programmed world, it’s important that we break out of the loop and return to our true self each day for sometime. Stay away from all programmed devices and spend some time each day with things that behave without any algorithms.

Ram Thilak..

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