The Believer vs the Non-Believer!!

God, an entity that has forever been subjected to a lot of debate and it’s one concept that has always fascinated me. I’ve constantly been surrounded by people who object my views of God and even mock me at times. I’ve also written a couple of articles, quite similar to the same topic The Concept of God!! and A Letter to God!!. So, what makes me write about this again and again!! This very idea of God is so wide that each day, I get inspired by different things which lead me here.

Religion was mocked by a lot of learned people and especially people who read science tried to get a logical answer to all these questions about God. Then, there was an interesting group of people who didn’t take any sides terming their belief to be “Agnostic.” These group of a people believed in a formless, supernatural force guiding us but they kept themselves away from rituals. Then, the non-believers who call themselves not as atheists but as rationalists. Now, another group has popped up from the learned centers where people understand the theories of various religions and choose the one that suits them best. It doesn’t matter in which family you’re born or you which spiritual thought you were raised, if you feel I like this philosophy you’re free to follow it. In a country like India such a change is remarkable and I’m happy people are coming forward supporting these ideologies of switching religion.

Personally, at different stages of my Life, I’ve tried exploring different perspectives of God. I’ve still not gone to the extent of reading different religious books, understanding the essence of each one and choosing the one which would guide me best but I’ve spent a few months trying not to believe in God and I’ve also spent few months feeding the Agnostic views in my mind. Apparently, both these ideas were short-lived and my mind constantly yearned for a God with form and lots of details. Being a visual person, it was hard for me to entertain the thought of an abstract portrayal of God. So, as I always do, I started gathering suggestions and opinions from people around me who rebelled every time I spoke about God. What made them lead their lives so well when there are umpteen unanswered questions which comes in our mind? Questions like “Why Me?”, “Why there are so many galaxies in the universe?”, “Why was I even born”, “After death, what will happen?” and all the other whys’ when addressed to a person who believes in God, somehow relates it as a godly occurrence. So, what does the non-believer or as they like to term themselves rationalists do?

I would say that every non-believer would at some moment in their Life be tempted to engage the thought of God. Otherwise, a person would have sprung from being an extreme believer in God to a non-believer as God did not help them when needed. The last scenario is that a person would have objected God because he/she disliked the rituals/traditions connected with God. Barring these scenarios, a disbelief in God cannot be planted in anyone’s mind. A life of a non-believer in comparison to a believer in God is very difficult. I say this because, for believers when sufferings knocks their doors they always grip themselves to God to save them from misery but when it comes to non-believers they are all by themselves. I don’t come to conclusion that God definitely exist or HE will come to save you but the HOPE that there is someone beyond nature is there to save me will constantly pump confidence in the believer but it a non-believer can breakdown easily.

I can’t infer this post as God is something which I’ve still not deciphered. I can say that God is an unquestionable belief . And I can also say that God is a limiter when it comes to questions posted by Science. When we conclude those questions by saying it’s a God creation and we shouldn’t meddle with it then we are limiting ourselves. It doesn’t mean we are equal to God but it just means God wants us to
find more. Science and God are not two different concepts, they are interlinked. This is a totally different topic and let me not expand about it now. On the other hand, when it comes to Life, having a spiritual thought is absolutely necessary. It establishes order in our thoughts and ensures we stay afloat during emotional crises as well. God is indeed necessary.

Ram Thilak

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