The REAL Education… Where is it??

                          Does education achieve it’s real purpose? Or does it just qualify it’s takers on paper and when it comes to Life, they fail in their basic lessons… There is something about knowledge which I really like. The purpose of education is to impart knowledge in the minds of people and when it comes to knowledge, quantity matters more than quality. A quantum knowledge on diverse fields is of immaculate importance which our system of education fails to deliver. Our curriculum, in comparison with other methods is voluminous but does it make us skilled when it comes to implementation is the problem. We have blueprint in schools, important questions to score high and the most preferred LOCAL AUTHOR when it comes to Engineering. Even in professional education this trend of easy-to-go attitude continues and getting good grades easily to ensure you get out of college with a degree in hand just keeps persisting. When it comes to job, where application is mandatory people suffer, they become unemployable and the whole situation becomes messy. All of us are part of a system and it’s time to wake up, change the foundations, the fundamentals and recoup to ensure the real education is delivered.

                        So, I keep repeating REAL EDUCATION, REAL EDUCATION.. What does it mean? Robert Kiyosaki, in his book “Rich Dad! Poor Dad!” speaks of financial literacy and the differentiating factor between the rich and the poor. He speaks about areas where money is made to multiplied legally and that’s one of the REAL EDUCATION lessons to be learnt considering the fact that we live in a capitalistic economy. I don’t want to explain the concepts adopted in that book here but that’s one book which anyone who’s going to start his/her career should read. One more thing I like about this book is the role of a parent in craving a person out of a child. Parents’ role is more than that of a teacher and they are the first inspiration for a child. If they are like a motivating friend to you, you’ll grow awesome. (Saying this out of my personal experience. And, my dad was just the replica of the Rich Dad in the book). Some might say, “Money is not an important part of my Life” and in that case, being in a capitalistic society it’s going to very difficult for you. It’s not a word of caution but a true fact. A quote from Wolf of the Wall Street comes to my mind now, “There is no nobility in poverty. I’ve been a rich man and I’ve been a poor man. But, I choose rich every time.” Once, you understand the financial aspects of education lucidly, a quarter of your concerns are solved.

                         Another part of REAL EDUCATION which is missing has to do with our body. Human body is the most complex machine in the entire world and understanding the basics about it is essential. Apart from people in the medicine industry, none of us even try to learn about our body. Post 10th standard, few of us learn biology and for a large percentage of people they lack even basic skills. Even in our system, they make us dissect flowers and frogs, but instead schools can take students to hospitals and teach first-aid skills. What to do in the event of an accident, a head injury, a bruise, a fire accident..etc., Applied biology is every where and thorough basic knowledge of it can even save lives. With Internet’s help, we can learn these things through websites and for those who are still in schools, it’s time for schools to include these applied education trips too.Not just about reaction in emergencies, understanding one’s body, one’s metabolism, allergies are equally important.Your knowledge about your body should be very high and most of us fail to get updated about ourselves. When elderly people are staying with you, understanding their medical concerns is also important. These are Life skills which needs to practiced by us first and extended to others.

                       In programming, there are two methods we follow, the top-down and bottom-up approach. Our education system is now following the top-down approach where all the theoretical information about things are plenty and we are trained with the hope that we will apply them suitability when the situation demands. But sadly though, we fail to miss the bus during implementation. The bottom-up approach where the data/field is presented first and we move up choosing the theoretical information we want. This approach isn’t practical considering the amount of student population our country holds. What system of education we need now is a kind-of a parallel system, where theories along with it’s application and various ways of experiments which can be carried out on it. This approach though some might argue is already in place, it needs a revamp. Curious minds of kids must be cultured from young ages so they grow with new ideas instead of forcing them to think solutions for a presented problem. Any idea, unless it’s self-generated also taking into account of the problem can’t get the best solution. Let’s wake up and give great human beings to this world.  

Ram Thilak

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