6 C’s to Succeed ~~ An exploration!!

        Giving a blog break is something which I haven’t tried till now and when I did so, I came up with this post..!! Been almost 20 days since my last post and all these days there have been many things lingering in my mind to write about. From music, to short stories, to spirituality, to personal experiences and many more but nothing was transformed into a blog post. But, suddenly these series of C’s tumbled out of my head and I ended up making a rather interesting connection with these C’s.

         So, what are the C’s I’m talking about. The C’s I’m gonna write about when understood and implemented religiously will help you immensely both on a personal and a professional level. I guess my liking towards business and self-help books made me write this article. The six C’s are:

    Concentration | Common Sense | Confidence | Curiosity | Courage | Commitment  

 The reason why I’ve listed it horizontally but not vertically is because each one of these is equally important.

           My favorite book when it comes to improving yourself is Malcom Gladwell’s “Outliers”. That book analyses the factors which contributes to the success of an individual on various levels. There are metrics, socio-economic factors and the various differentiating factors which makes people taste success. Hard work is one thing which everyone mention when it comes to being successful but sadly that isn’t the only factor though it is the primary propellant to success. The six C’s I’ve mentioned is the artificial fuel which will turn out to be the make or break factor as with being successful in the eyes of the society.

             CURIOSITY is a quality which when it comes to human is inversely proportional to age. As we grow, our ability to explore diminishes in many individuals. This attribute is what I call the spark plug in the creative engine of ours. As a child, every thing we come across is new and we keep asking questions. The engine does not suffer any cold start as it’s always engaged. When we grow old, we flatter ourselves with the notion that we’ve learnt all that is to be known. Our curiosity levels goes down and so is our ability to absorb knowledge. Curiosity rather has to be directly proportional with age and the more we know about something, the deeper we should dig on it and learn more about it. This makes curiosity the foremost reactant in the chemistry of success.

             COURAGE is the next attribute which separates the achiever from the mediocre. From my limited experiences, I’d say every person who has been different in their approach had the courage to stick to it which made them attain glory. Being an outcast is difficult but if you can hold your ideas with courage and belief in it then success will knock your doors for sure. The first reactant Curiosity motivates you to try your ideas but courage is the one which helps you grip tightly to your thoughts despite the fact that it’s different from the usual. There is a tagline from an advertisement, ” To be successful, you gotta be different.” And courage is what will make you use your difference as your strength.

              COMMON SENSE here refers to the ability to analyse things in a practical manner. It also means to judge matters with sound reasoning. Life isn’t fair and at times it is very important to be more practical and less emotional. I’ve seen people grumbling to have missed the opportunity they had and in most cases it would been an emotional clutch. At times, though some decisions look hard at the outset, it’s very important to take them considering the supporting reasons instead of holding oneself back stating various emotional problems. I may sound cold as you read this but in reality, most regrets in Life are caused because people make decisions without using their common sense. The feel the pinch after the time is gone and that will leave an everlasting pain spoiling your present as well as the future.

              CONFIDENCE is something which most management gurus talk about and it is obviously a key contributor to success. Most people confuse courage and confidence, though both may look similar from outside. Courage is more difficult as it is something which you’ve stimulate by yourself but confidence on the other hand has both external and internal simulators. That is the reason why courage always does you good but confidence if it goes beyond proportion can make you complacent. People call this as over-confidence. Self-belief is another attribute which boosts confidence and hence when you’ve got courage, you’ll definitely have confidence. But, the it’s exceedingly important to keep the scale of confidence to a balanced level.

              CONCENTRATION is perhaps the most repeated word when it comes to academics and when it comes to cracking competitive exams. It is indeed a tough quality to cultivate and unlike all other C’s, this one requires all the more practice. The reason I say this is because, almost every mind can be diverted very easily. People have goals, road-maps, vision, mission and many more things to ensure they stay channelized towards their objective but miss the energy because of lack of concentration. Especially, during the prime age of 16-24, concentration levels tend to drop and after a certain extent, even motivated students start to accept mediocrity in their lives. After all that they’ve done to taste success, just because they couldn’t stay focused at the need of the hour, they miss success. I’m still a learner when it comes to improving concentration and if this attribute can be mastered, then success isn’t a hard nut to crack.

              COMMITMENT to one’s words, to one’s actions is something which all successful people have in common. This has to be followed even in the smallest of the things you do to ensure you instill this quality in your character. This quality makes you earn respect among people and even on the personal level it gives a lot of satisfaction. Your mind remains calm when you’re doing things taking full responsibility for your actions instead of pointing your fingers at others. Successful people never make excuses and this is one characteristic which is needed in your personality to ensure that you’re amongst them one day.

             The Chemistry of Success Constitutes Courage, Common Sense, Concentration, Commitment, Curiosity and Confidence. All these Characteristics Coupled with hardwork will sculpt you the Character required for a successful person.

Ram Thilak.

P.S : Sorry!! For the C flow 😛 😛  

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