Breaking my silence…! #pizzacornerparty and With A-Z Challenge…

                                           The month of April is the most cherished month for bloggers like me because it is the month of A-Z Challenge. It has been a blog break of nearly a month now and personally Life has been dull. The #pizzacornerparty with Chennai Bloggers was a much-awaited meet and I loved the way they conducted it.Brags arranged it for us and it was to me the best meet. Thank you! Brags! :). At the end of that day, most of us learnt to bake few Italian dishes from professional chefs knowing exactly what we were doing. I couldn’t gather all the details from the chefs (as I was busy eating the pizzas :P), here I share the link of my co-blogger Mr.Shashi who thoroughly explained the process with appropriate photographs. To read his description, click here.

                                          Coming to the A-Z Challenge, this very challenge last year helped me rediscover myself as a blogger.At the start, I found it very difficult to manage time and with the alphabetic restrictions in place, it was hard to blog. I am a random blogger who pens his thoughts casually, like a passionate hobby. But, at the end of the A-Z Challenge 2013 I was surprised about myself. A lot of encouragement came from Chennai Bloggers Club and from people who took part in this challenge all over the world. It came to me as a big opportunity to read the works of professional bloggers and I earned a lot of friends last year. I had one liberty last year which is not choosing a theme. My posts ranged across a lot of topics, some gripping and some were very boring especially alphabets like ‘Y’, ‘U’, ‘X’ drove my crazy to choose something to blog about. My A-Z Challenge 2013 posts are here and do give your feedback on it.

                                          This year, I want to choose a theme and blog coherently. After a lot of thought process, I chose to write a short story with 26 Chapters with a non-linear narration. This is my first attempt at writing a complete short story and there is a lot of learning awaiting me this year. With semester exams round the corner, I hope I can manage time more efficiently and survive this year’s challenge well. My best wishes to all bloggers who are taking part in this challenge and to all those in Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC)…

Ram Thilak..


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