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                                                  It was the 10th of May and the usual Saturday of mine turned chilly and colorful..! Thanks to Cream and Fudge Sundae making experience. My friends from the Chennai Bloggers Club were there around 4 30pm to make me feel comfortable at Cream and Fudge. The last time we had to do Pizzas and now it was time for desserts, I told myself. We waited for the Manager to come and our usual talks about our club were on as usual.

The Place….                                       

                                 Talking about Cream and Fudge Factory, I found it to be a great place for a casual talk. The outlet is easy to place and strategically located which makes it a wonderful hangout spot. The famous Natesan Park is a few meters away, a temple next to the outlet which remains crowded on almost all days and a Pizza Corner restaurant above gives Cream and Fudge a great advantage in terms in location. For an ice-cream outlet, the space inside is good enough but the ambience compensates for the small size.

Sundae Making Experience…

                                  Cream and Fudge Factory offers a lot when it comes to variety. Ice Cream cones are the most popular ones and most bloggers showed their creativity by making excellent ones. Popularly called as Waffle/Cone, the ice cream flavors are mixed and served in a cone. We can also serve the same in a waffle bowl. (Waffle is a crisp batter cake baked using waffle iron and that’s how waffle bowl got it’s name)
There was a lot of diversity in the menu and the ingredients that can be added to the ice cream included marbles, chocolates, jellies, biscuits.. It was like almost anything with ice cream can be served. However, they’re divided into categories; Classique Collection which has some famous flavors like Oreo, Apple Crumble, Banana Chocolate, Nutty Kesariya (very Indian) amongst many others. The next one is the Marble Collection includes a lot of tempting combos such as Chocolate Truffle Sensation, Chocolate Strawberry, Banoffy Troffy etc..,. I personally loved the Marble Collection. 
                                    I made the Chocolate Strawberry Heaven. I did well during the preparation but nevertheless at the end, I could sense chocolate and strawberry were there but it was no heaven 😀 :P. The place where they make ice creams is neatly organized with flavors and the ingredients to be added separated appropriately. They have table maintained at -18 degrees where ice creams are prepared. So, when we take a scoop of a flavor, it’s our job to mix it and have it in a consumable state. It means making the ice cream softer and smoother. They do this by cutting the hard ice cream using soft knives and adding the toppings for respective flavor. It sounds simple but perfection is the key here and the experts over there showcased their skills. 
                                                You’ll definitely be filled with a lot of smiles for every scoop of ice cream you eat at Cream and Fudge. Do pay a visit to this place to enjoy some ice creams. We had a great time and so will you.
Ram Thilak..
Image courtesy: @AryanSarath (Twitter Handle)
Do check out Cream and Fudge Factory at Zomato here .
Thanks to the Chennai Bloggers Club for the invite.

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