The Importance of Making Someone Feel Important!

                                        I gather inspiration from a variety of things. One such thing which made me write this blog post is a quote on my colleague’s bag, “Time flies so fast in busy daily Life!”. It is rather a very simple observation which randomly crossed my eyes but those words kept resonating in my mind during my entire travel back home. It has been around a month since I started working full time and the routine has been so mundane that I can’t realize that a month has slipped by. The work has been satisfying but back home the satisfaction is missing.

                                        It’s still early days though but I don’t find lot of changes in the foreseeable future. So, this challenge of ensuring a balance between work and home will prove demanding. Let me explain with a scenario. On an average, clocking 8 hours per day is mandatory for all full time jobs an hour is allocated each day for refreshments. Adding with this is least 2 hours of travel making it, 11 hours a day of time outside home. If you add 8 hours of sleep to this calculation, all you have is 4 hours of time to talk to family. Within this time, all other works of reading books, checking social media updates, updating knowledge about current events and many more waiting in the queue. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t talking to people at home until my mother came near me, touched my hands and said, “Can I speak for 10 minutes?”. I lowered my headphones and those words wounded me. The most disturbing fact was that I was not talking to anyone at home with the presumption that people will understand about the nature of this job and will leave me. And later I realized, I’m not the only one victim of this problem.  They’ll understand it for a day, a week maximum but if it’s stretched beyond that the bondage weakens.

                                      So, what is the solution for this problem? It’s very simple yet but we fail to implement it. We do implement unknowingly on days of load shredding and during power failures .We TALK to people at home. For our mothers, grandparents and for all the people at home, our world is a part of their world. All they yearn for is a few words about our world, a few questions about their world at home, a few appreciations about the things they do for us directly/indirectly and a smile when they look at you. This yearning for excellently portrayed in the Hindi movie “The Lunchbox” . Sometimes in Life, people share things with you not to analyse and give your thoughts about it but just to free their mind from redundant things. Always talk to people at home and give the excessively used compound word “quality time” for them. It’s always important to make them realize how important they are to you.

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