My Love to be!

Your rich blue eyes grinned at me making an obtuse angle,

Making me uneasy as if I’m caught in a Bermuda triangle,
I anchored my vision on your round face; slowly drowning,
Into the ocean of your beauty, never boring always escalating.
The sound of your giggle, wriggled my heart and made me blush,
That moment flushed all my worries and I felt my adrenaline rush.
I wanted that moment to stay and I wanted you to come nearer,
You did come close and your breath of Love was my healer.
Your hair touched me as it stitched my deepest wounds,
You cuddled me to sprinkle joy in my Life beyond bounds,
I rested on your shoulders to unload all my emotional baggage,
You played with my hair, made me sleep on the safest place; Your Lap.  
I want to be consumed by your Love till we share our breath,
But with each passing day, I wake up hoping to meet YOU today.
Waiting for My Love,
Ram Thilak.
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