One Aspect of Chennai I want to Change!

This post is part of the blog tag titled, The CBC Tablog – 2, where CBC stands for Chennai Bloggers Club. CBC is the most active blogging community in Chennai and I’ve always been happy to be a part of it. The basis of group dynamics such as diversity, inclusiveness and togetherness are always met by CBC which makes it a special place. This blog tag is series where about 30 bloggers from CBC share their thoughts on ‘What Aspect of Chennai that I Would Like to Change. 

Preceding to me was Kalaivani, predominantly a food blogger who blogs at and you can find her ‘What Aspect of Chennai that I Would Like to Change‘ post here . Her blog is filled with lucid explanations on how to prepare various delicacies. Every dish posted there has a thorough description of various ingredients and the amount to be taken with pictures illustrating the gradual progression of cooking. Do pay a visit to her blog to make your  cooking different and delightful.

                                 There are some things in Chennai we all love unanimously and those are things we’re extremely proud about. Our beach, our filter coffee, our trains, our auto rickshaws (though we complain a lot about the rates, we still love our rides), our CSK, our Rajinikant, our passion towards Music and Cinema (includes Carnatic Festivals, Cultural Events and Oscar Winner A R Rahman). If you notice closely, these identities of Chennai, the very things which makes our city special are limited to a very small geography. Apart from these things, there are few things to establish our togetherness as a city in Chennai. 

                                 Our Chennai has expanded very fast post 2000 and in this pace of development, the residences along the IT Expressway, along Porur and other areas which are just incorporated into our corporation seemed to miss the emotion of Madras. They are happy to be self-contained in their respective areas and somehow we have allowed to settle in the same way. They miss the flavour of Madras and as proud Chennaities we must ensure they savor every aspect of our city. During my father’s days, I still remember the meetings that used to happen in our area where residents from different areas meet and discuss their problems, achievements and many more. Now, there seems to be a dearth in talking about the happenings in other areas (not necessarily civic issues) as the city now has broadened but our time has narrowed. I still find some areas where these clubs are active but I rarely find someone young in it. In our fight against time and rapid expansion, we are slowly losing our impartial connect with this amazing city and I want to Change this aspect of Chennai.

                                In reality, I do agree it’s extremely difficult to catch up in person but still our togetherness as a city should never fade. I saw that during my father’s times and now I strongly feel we can bring about that with genuine interaction in social media. I find a lot of small groups here and there, but a strong one which holds people from all areas, covering all geographies of Chennai with proper organization will be a great starting point. Participation when it comes to taking responsibility has always been low and it’s important we stand together as Chennai to make it a better city. With each passing day, migration to the city is increasing and so is it’s radius. Chennai has welcomed all with a smile, it has been a warm and a safe metro city to reside but at the same time we must ensure that the emotion of Madras is given impartially to every Chennaite.    
                      I pass the baton to Sulaiman Sait who blogs at He an an excellent poet, a cat lover, an avid dreamer and there are many things he is interested in. I am a fan of his works and you’d love them too. Check his blog to realize how beautifully stitched words can mean so much!         

Ram Thilak


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6 thoughts on “One Aspect of Chennai I want to Change!

  1. Hmmm. Interesting observation about busyness and the lack of time for chit-chats. These days people think that being busy equates to being important. With some prioritising and planning ahead, we can sure make time for these chits-chats which rejuvenate and refresh our minds and hearts.

    If only . . .

    Joy always,

  2. "the city now has broadened but our time has narrowed"..loved this line. We are so much caught in our busy lives, that we tend to forget (rather neglect) even our near-dear ones. Spending some time occasionally with them would brighten their day, and ours as well 🙂

  3. Meetups are happening even today and the Internet helps in the process. It may not be locality specific, but based on activity/interests, which maybe even better. Social media is another way to connect which was not available to people earlier. But, virtual meetups may not create the kind of connect that real meetups (that too with neighbors) did earlier.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Well written Ram ! That would be a great practice if people from different areas meet and share their positives , drawbacks, activities etc., I hope it happens in near future 🙂

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