Kaththi becomes Sharper with Time and Cuts you Deep on Emotion!

                                            With lot of issues around Kaththi, most importantly it’s plagiarism issue, I take back whatever I’ve written in this review. I don’t want to give any credit to artists who do not truly deserve it. And, I also want to ensure credibility in my posts and that is the reason for this decision of mine.

Movie Review:

                                     AR Murugadoss- Ilayathapathy Vijay holding hands together for Diwali after Thuppaki have used another weapon this time to strike the box office, Kaththi. This time though, they’ve an able companion in Anirudh whose thunderous tones has sharpened Kaththi immensely. Unfortunately Vijay has been missing that composer who can complement his on-screen appeal and I guess he has found one in Anirudh. His background score substantiates Vijay’s mass appeal thereby enhancing the entire audio-visual experience. These three elements Vijay-Anirudh- AR Murugadoss’s screenplay (not the first half) carry Kaththi and finally leaves you with an emotional scar.

                                                      The movie begins in an stereotypical manner with a criminal ( Kathirasan) escaped from Kolkata Jail and just before you start thinking, “How many times? Same old story..?” there is a 30 minute rewind in the movie. Kathirasan had actually emulated how a criminal would have escaped from that prison to catch a prisoner who had escaped few minutes ago. That gave me some hope that Kaththi is not going to be a usual fare. Then, Ankita (Samantha) comes in suddenly, following this is a couple of forced songs stitched at inappropriate sequences. The first 30 to 45 minutes was dragging and the entire love sequence in Kaththi was disappointing. With 30 minutes to intermission, the film catches some momentum and from there on Kaththi becomes sharper after every minute. The post intermission sequences are intense, filled with a lot of action. A lot of social issues especially agriculture including many current political ones are brought in, “generously” discussed and most among these are tilting towards communism.

                                                       When subjecting Kaththi to critical analysis, I would say it is to my knowledge, Vijay’s best acting so far. In all sentimental and emotional scenes, Vijay has brought himself in well, made people think and cry. Anirudh’s music is a big plus for Vijay and for Kaththi. The flick was close to 3 hours and there was not a moment you felt that the music is low on energy. The action elements were well conceptualized and with Vijay on screen it amplified the impact for the viewers. And, the best of all, no item-numbers, no alien comedy tracks and no comical friends. People are bored seeing these commercial combos and happy the director kept these three away from Kaththi. The cinematography by George C Williams is excellent in all emotional, action and mass appeal frames of Kaththi. Art direction has been adequate and the editing by Sreekar Prasad in first half alone could have been better. The logical errors in the movie are negligible though I couldn’t resist mentioning this, Kathirasan’s 3-D Mapping of Chennai city blueprint was a little unacceptable. Samantha, yes. I forgot to mention her because she is totally unnecessary in Kaththi. I urge AR Murugadoss and all directors not to rope in heroines just because they could fill you two songs in your movie and compromise your screenplay. Had Murugadoss kept it as a Vijay only movie, the irritating love sequence could have avoided making Kaththi shining from the start. Apart from this, there are not many glitches in movie, though the first half can be trimmed by at least 20 minutes.

                                                       Kaththi will definitely be a Diwali Damakha for Vijay and most importantly his fans. The script of Kaththi could have been written by any person but only Vijay’s crowd appeal and AR Murugadoss’s ability to convert it on screen has made it a blockbuster movie.

Watch it for Vijay, Anirudh and AR Murugadoss.

Ram Thilak


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  1. Entry song, unnecessary Actress, Forced Songs ithellam Kodambakkam oda Saabham . ithela ilama eruntha inum evlo getha padam erukum nu makkal ku puriya maatinguthu

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