Interstellar- Scientific Artistry on Celluloid!

                         I sit around the corner of the room with the cursor on my blogpost ticking for close to 15 seconds. There are two reasons for this. First, I’m going to review a Hollywood movie for the first time and second is Nolan’s Interstellar. Leave along the cinematic grandiose that the movie brings to you, to culminate so many scientific concepts together and weave it cohesively into a movie is pure artistry. Christopher Nolan is a creative genius and so is Jonathan Nolan (co-writer of Interstellar), taking nothing away from his brother.

   “The” Plot:       
                        The movie is set at a time when the habitability of Earth is depreciating day by day and people have resorted back to agriculture. Interestingly so, Nolan has not mentioned any “time” in the movie as to when this stage is going to come which is smart from him. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a former NASA pilot who is into farming now but has fascination towards science is still intact. With his son Tom, daughter Murph and father-in-law Donald he leads a quiet life with regret. Murph shares her father’s fascination towards science, particularly about space. Murph finds a strange behavior in her room which calls it as a ghost and makes his father inspects it. Cooper later finds that the “ghost” is actually gravity and concludes that “they” are trying to send a message to her. He analyses the code and tries to decode it. They get co-ordinates from this message and it leads them to a place which is actually NASA’s secret area for further space research. Then, Professor Brand ( Michael Caine, trademark of Nolan’s movies) enlightens Cooper of the risk that Earth is in and the mission they’ve planned to save Earth’s people. Brand requests Cooper to go on with this mission as he has been the best pilot NASA has ever had. Cooper promises to Murph that he would certainly return though the mission is extremely dangerous. Professor Brand has two plans to save Earth and it’s species. Plan A is to find a habitable planet and take all people from Earth to that planet for which he has to find a way to negotiate Earth’s gravitational pull. Plan B is a “population bomb” which Professor Brand’s daughter Amelia ( Anne Hathaway) plan. She conceptualizes to repopulate Earth’s species from fertilized eggs so that homo sapiens continue to exist but in a new habitable planet though the diversity of the species is not guaranteed.

                      To understand the concepts Interstellar holds, I request you to read this .

                      On performances, Matthew McConaughey has impressed everyone with his acting and his dialogue delivery. His demeanor makes us think that he is someone next door but the times when he shows his mastery in driving the spacecraft awes people. The music by Hans Zimmer is another standout, “out-of-the-world” factor for Interstellar. In Inception, Zimmer impressed everyone with his music and Interstellar is equally great. The CG (computer graphics) is of the highest level and the recreation of wormhole, spinning black leaves the viewers with a sense of awe.A large percentage of the film is in space and CG has recreated it precisely. Nolan has worked closely with Kip Throne, a theoretical physicist to ensure maximum accuracy to the movie and the concept of relative time has been exploited in the movie. A fundamental knowledge of relativity is mandatory to watch Interstellar as this concept is used at many instances. On the whole, Interstellar is a cinematic masterpiece and Nolan yet again has redefined on how to make blockbusters.

 Verdict: 4.5/5.  Interstellar is an scientific artistry on celluloid. Pure Brilliance. 

Ram Thilak

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