I – Amazing Performances Diluted by a Streamline Screenplay!

                “I”, Shankar‘s much-hyped science fiction movie has been creating a buzz since it the time it began and particularly when the audio launch was attended by the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since then, the audience were waiting patiently for the spectacle to release. When you see “I” all you get is another revenge drama with little science fiction interspersed with it. After 180 odd minutes, you still wait for the spectacle to happen, that magic imprint which compelling movie leaves you with is totally missing. It’s then you realize, “Is this “I”? Is that all or is there something more?  It is definitely not a bad movie but certainly can’t be placed as a ‘great movie’ taking the movie as a whole.

                  “I” is not all about Shankar, it’s all about Vikram. I salute this actor for his performance throughout the movie. Not even in one frame in the film, can you complain of his acting. And to undergo such eccentric physical transformations makes you respect him more than ever for the passion he showcases towards acting. Vikram apart, Amy Jackson as Diya has shared an equal screen space as Vikram. She plays a model in the movie and that role fits her very well. I don’t think any other heroine would have pulled off the role of a model with so with comfort as Amy had done. Next is Santhanam who plays the usual hero’s friend. Thankfully, he is the only friend and he does not rope in another three people to start a parallel comedy track. Santhanam, has done his part well, evoking laughter making fun of people and this time around he’s shared a nice screen space. Credits to Shankar for casting these three but there are also four more people.

                  The villains are the villains for I’s disintegration. First of the all, the so called twist in the name of Doctor Vasudevan (Suresh Gopi). One can easily predict that there is something fishy about him from his acting from the very beginning. The next three villains are a model named John (Upen Patel), a transgender stylist Ojas Jasmine (in real life too she is a stylist click here to see her Twitter), a big-shot businessman and bodybuilder whose career is spoiled as Vikram wins the Mr.Tamil Nadu competition beating him. All these people plot the idea to sabotage Vikram  during his peak as a model by injecting a virus in his body which deforms him. Vikram takes revenge on each of them and takes it in a manner similar to what they did to him, by making them ugly.

                  There are plenty of positives in parts in “I” but as a package it fails to meet expectations. The predictability in the movie is so evident that after a point of time you get to say how the film is going to unfold. There are no surprise elements as before the release of the movie, all the different faces of Vikram has been seen by all. Overall, “I” is definitely a big let down. Speaking of positives, first is the pomposity in the songs and the backdrops chosen for it. PC Sreeman with his camera presents us these elements splendidly. You get that awestruck feeling only during these songs and all have been pictured in Shankar’s style. The thing which excited me the most was the stunt sequences. The fight which happens in the gym with many bodybuilders and the cycle fight in China was captured brilliantly by PC Sreeman and it has also been presented well.The background score by AR Rahman and the songs as well is a big plus for “I”. The editing by Anthony is good but the screenplay is so very usual. Shankar has tried to play hide and seek with past and present but in the end it fools the audience.

          With so many seasoned technicians and artists joining hands and having had such a generous producer, Shankar should definitely have created an impact with “I” which is missing.

On a scale of 5, I would give 3/5.

Certainly a must-watch movie, but it won’t make you watch it again.

Ram Thilak

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  1. Ram, loved the way your reviewed this film. Watching your writing grow in leaps and bounds is a delight. Nothing more, nothing less – You gave us just what we needed to know. Of course, you could have added some spoiler alerts here and there.

    Joy always,

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