Love Interview!

Twirling her hair she was seated outside constantly fidgeting,
From my room I saw her face and immediately started searching,
For her name; To call her at once and carry out my job of interviewing,
However, I willingly halted to adore the movements she was expressing.

Her bright rolling black eyes was constantly sparkling like a star,
When air glanced past her hair, it left me with the sound of sitar,
I called her, she rose after adjusting her dark black chiffon sari,
Opening the door gently, she greeted me with her beautiful smile.

As I opened her the file, her calm eyes turned extremely nervous,
Thoroughly swept by her beauty, I was left totally speechless,
Concealing my emotions, I tried to question her but I was left airless,
Closing my eyes and after a deep breath I asked her, “Will you marry me?”

Enjoying the puzzled surprise in her eyes, I said, “It’s real beautiful and not a trick!”
She smiled mischievously to say, “Why don’t you give me a job first and then propose?”
And I said, “You want to be a part of this firm. Well, I want you to be a part of my life.”
She stood up to say with her eyes winked,”Then, I’ll take the job. I’m yours.”

Ram Thilak

Image courtesy: Internet

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4 thoughts on “Love Interview!

  1. Thanks! Datta for stopping by and commenting. Personally I would say, woman's beauty is not the only thing to impress her man. Just wanted to express it poetically, a glimpse of love at first sight. To impress a man, woman's character is also accounted for. The same applies for men as well. It style with substance 🙂 Thanks for your appreciation.

  2. Well, it's facts with fiction Monisha. Had a girl in my mind when I wrote this but the situations are fictional. After all, Kavithai ku poi azaghu 😉

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