What if Game of Thrones is made in Kollywood?

       Game of Thrones season is on and just an idea as to how it would be if we had to cast these characters in Kollywood. All characters are fictional. The actors cast against the Game of Thrones characters takes into consideration of their films, life experiences and many more parameters. I wanted to write the reason for casting each of these actors but I feel it’s better to convey it through pictures.

So, here we go!

1) ‘Thala’ Ajith Kumar as Stannis Baratheon

For The One True King
2) ‘Captain’ Vijayakanth as Robert Baratheon
For Wine, Politics and Power

For Physique and Villainy

For Height and Valor

For Politics, Strategy and also called as Queen of Thrones
For his attitude and for trusting in One’s strength 

For strategy, acting and for carving a name for oneself
For the pleasing looks and the fighting spirit

For honesty and loyalty
For everlasting beauty and strong conviction

For obvious reasons
For calmness, beauty and to the Wardeness of the North
For looks, acting and dialogue delivery 
14) Arjun as Bronn
For the fighter and the martial arts specialist
For looks and other obvious reasons
For dominance, attitude, looks and acting
For looks, acting and who else can be ‘The Queen’

For looks, beauty, bravery and has the right family name
For fighting against all odds and coming up.Young and Talented

       Tyrion is irreplaceable. But if I had to choose the closest alternative in Kollywood it would be Bobby Simha. Tyrion is not a geek but he is a clever strategist. The ‘Sounder Sketch’ scene in Jigarthanda is still fresh and Bobby Simha’s acting was amazing. He was rightly given the National Award for the Best Supporting Actor.
  For acting, dialog delivery and looks
Please don’t attribute these comparisons personally with the actors. This post is just a ‘What If?’ thought of a Kollywood cast for Game of Thrones.
Ram Thilak
Images Courtesy: Google. All images are sourced from the internet.

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