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                            It was pouring heavily and today was one of those rarest days of the year in Chennai; rainy and gloomy. It was half past ten at night and I was driving back home through the expressway. My headlamps kept switching between dim and dip as it was fighting it’s way through the mist. An eerie silence filled this busy road. The music of my car’s engine and Interstellar’s S.T.A.Y playing on my car’s audio were just the two sounds I could hear, here. The night was pure and today being a Friday, my mind was occupied with weekend plans.

                          As my car’s wiper was working hard in clearing the water on my windshield, I saw a shining hand at a distance. A Stylori bangle named Radiant Verisia  beautified her hands The red gemstone on her bangle was so bright and iridescent that it unconsciously made me press the brake. My car tires felt the same shock like me.

 There was another car at a distance with parking lights on and she came heading towards my car. Her tender hands were covering her head from rain as she came towards the driver’s seat. She explained to me that her car had broken down and she was heading the airport for the Diwali weekend. She requested me to drop her to the airport and I shook my head spellbound by her beauty.

                        She came around the headlamps with her right blue eyes constantly looking at me in obtuse angle. She opened the front door and saw the customized leather seats. She was apprehensive about sitting there with her wet bright black chiffon saree but I said with the firmest of my voices, “Please sit down. You might get cold.” As she bent down to seat comfortably on my front seat, her Stylori  Charms of Débutante penchant caught my eye. The radiant blue gemstone on the penchant was like her third eye sharp and clear. It rested safely on her neck with her black saree as the backdrop, the sight was alluring.

Now, I could hear nothing expect her breath and I was driving fast towards the airport.

                        The roads were inundated and my car was making it’s way through the obstructions. A thunderous sound made it’s entry through the dark skies and she became terrified. My hands were on the gear and her hands grabbed me for support. I stopped the car and asked if she was alright. She opened her tightly closed eyes, looked at me in fear and after a pause of two seconds moved slowly towards to her seat uttering the words, “I’m okay. It’s the thunder.“. As she moved away, the ring on her fingers were caught inside my cuff button. Her Sizzling Amethyst ring with a purple gemstone above my hands on the gear looked stunning.

She steadily untied the thread on my shirt which was caught on her ring but by then she had tied my heart with her. She saw my eyes and felt that I was falling for her and just to deviate my attention, she said “You have a rich collection of music.” I realized that I have many more miles to go and said, “Well! Yeah. It’s my only companion.

                        After that, until the time we reached the airport she was chatting. She spoke about her boss, about her dress and about her recent love towards Stylori jewelry. She was shaking her head as she was talking and her Precious Kesha Jhumkha made a pleasant strong tone each time she shook her head. I closed my eyes for a second to hear the soothing music and as I opened my eyes I saw a board stating, “Airport- 1 km“.

 We reached the airport parking area and she opened the door hurriedly as announcements were made for her flight. She walked few steps before she looked back. She came near me and said, “Your name please?”. I smiled looking at her eyes and replied, “Ram“. She said immediately, “Thank you! Ram” turned around and went back. I realized after few seconds that she was gone and then shouted, “Your name?” She turned back at me and showed signs pointing at the place where she had seated. I looked the seat again and there was a tissue there with words smudged, “I’m Prakalya. This is my number 985600006589. Do call me sometime 🙂“.


This post is part of CBC- Stylori Contest. Chennai Bloggers Club is a Facebook group where blogging family from Chennai resides and where a lot of exciting things happen.

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