E for Education! #AtoZChallenge2016 #Singapore

Singapore is known worldwide for it’s amazing education system and NUS- National University of Singapore has been the torchbearer for higher education programs; being rated as top Asian University and 12th worldwide (according to QS World University rankings). I’ve been amazed after coming here by the academic rigour that NUS has and the way how it combines diverse people to excel together. I strongly feel the reason for this is the efforts of Late Singapore President Lee Kuan Yew and the importance he laid on education.
Excerpts from his speech in 1966 on importance of education..
“What is the ideal product? The ideal product is the student, the university graduate, who is strong, robust, rugged, with tremendous qualities of stamina, endurance and at the same time, with great intellectual discipline and, most important of all, humility and love for his community; a readiness to serve whether God or king or country or, if you like, just his community.”

Proud student of NUS 
Ram Thilak

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