X for Xanthophyll! #AtoZChallenge2016 #Singapore

Xanthophyll is the yellow substance that makes the leaves turn brown and dry when they are old. I clicked this picture to illustrate the concept of ‘Dried Leaves Composting’. Singapore’s Garden City vision was conceived in 1963 and during the rapid development they have never missed their connect with Nature. 
All dried leaves from trees in Singapore are cleared from the road and left on the gardens which serve as compost for greener plants. Almost everyday, you find someone doing this task in the bus stop, MRT or on your street. 
It’s fascinating how these leaves, even after their death serve as a compost and remain useful.
“Crisp and Crunchy dried leaves fall upon grass; peacefully
To become as a compost for the grass even during it’s death; selflessly.”
Ram Thilak

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