What is this Life? – It’s hard to explain…

What is this Life? It’s hard to explain:
For many, this question repeats again and again;
As their lives goes through a wax and a wane;
They start to seek binary answers – boon or bane.

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While some live momentarily enjoying drops of rain,
While some live strategically hoping they would reign,
While some live romantically enjoying bottles of champagne,
While some live conscientiously thinking that they would sustain,
While some live comically – happy that they could at least entertain,
While some live logically with steps to take and goals to attain,
While some live ramblingly with nothing to do but complain,
While everyone forgets that tragically, one day all go into same drain.

However, you live always have a passion running through your vein,
So that, the little time when you were alive didn’t completely go in vain.

Ram Thilak

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