Gully Boy – A Master Class by Zoya and Ranveer #ApneTimeAayega

Gully Boy – the musical drama flick that released this week says the story of an underdog rapper who believes in his talent and goes on to win the rap battle in Mumbai organised by famous American rapper Nas.

In any underdog (or) remake movies, there is a ‘big’ predictability factor which at times, weighs down the movie because almost everyone is aware of the climax from first frame. The only way you can differentiate is with screenplay, acting, music and casting – all of which has been done amazingly in this movie. Directed by Zoya Akhtar, every frame has been crafted in detail with enough authenticity that you delve deep into the “Gully Boy” without even realising it. One area where Zoya has done a stellar job is to build enough texture for each character arc in this movie so that it all intercepts beautifully as the movie unfolds. The different relationships the lead character (Ranveer Singh) interacts with mother-father, father-son, friendship, love etc., has been portrayed seamlessly throughout the film that at times leave you with a tear.

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Two aspects that elevates, “Gully Boy” to make it watch worthy are acting and music. Ranveer Singh is known for his performances and he yet again proves why he is the best in this business. Having sung all the raps himself, his expressions and energy carries the movie. The lyrics of each rap song is accustomed to the stage of life Ranveer is in – for instance when is sad about his mother,  he sings about her with ‘hard’ lyrics. This in a way gels well with how in reality artists’ work, their life is their inspiration. The struggle and the insults he faces in his life is translated in all of his raps and hence when #ApnaTimeAayega (which means “You Time will come”) plays during climax, the audience stand up to clap for what this young man has been through and achieved.

Next up is Alia Bhatt, who plays Ranveer’s love interest in this movie. She matches to Ranveer’s intensity on screen in her own way, with her fiery dialogues, cute yet scary expressions and fight sequences. Her part in this movie is well characterised and in some of the scenes, the director explores the patriarchy that still exists in some sections of our society. Ranveer’s friend, MC Sher played by newcomer, Siddhant Chaturvedi deserves a special mention for this movie. He is so comfortable on screen that you might think he raps in real life. The main side actors have all done a splendid job which means performance wise, Gully Boy is on top of the pile.

Music is another pillar that makes, “Gully Boy” special. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and other musicians, rappers and MCs who collaborated for music have ensured the soul of the movie is intact. Not once, do you get diverted from any song. Though there are more than 15 songs in this movie, it ensures the rap mood stays through the 2.5 hours. The BGMs and soundtrack in entirety is extremely well done.

I’m actually thinking for pointers of improvement, but nothing is striking me now. Rarely, have I seen such a well made film in Hindi. I’m still in the Gully Boy mood and anyone reading this, please go watch this flick because #ApnaTimeAagaya to watch “Gully Boy”.

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